9501. Compassion-Beams From God’s Eye

In the morning
When I soulfully pray,
I clearly see
Compassion-Beams from God’s Eye
Shining all around me
Like the morning sun.

9502. Dependent And Independent

My heart is dependent
On God alone.
That means my life
Is independent of others.

9503. Today’s Flaming Aspiration

Today’s flaming aspiration
Can easily consume
Yesterday’s cruel frustration.

9504. I Need

Affection I need
From God’s Heart.
Compassion I need
From God’s Eye.
Liberation I need
From God’s Feet.

9505. Pay Attention

Pay attention
Only to what you do not know
But need to know,
And not to what you already know
But do not need to know.

9506. In His God-Adventure

In his God-adventure,
Nothing can fracture the illumination-mind
Or torture the realisation-heart
Of a master seeker.

9507. Perfection And Satisfaction

Comes from self-command.
Comes from self-surrender.

9508. Happiness-Power

Do not try to make a happiness-fountain.
Just try to break your unhappiness-tower
And then see where you are:
You are playing in and with

9509. Fulfilment Means

Fulfilment means
The enlightenment of the human in us
And the manifestation of the divine
Through us.

9510. My Heart’s Fountain-Love

O my heart’s fountain-love,
When will you liberate me
From the chains of division-blindness?

9511. A Self-Giving Saint

Ego is a cruel thief;
So is my earthly anxiety.
Purity is a self-giving saint;
So is my Heavenly humility.

9512. The Only Short-cut

My vital always insists
On taking a short-cut.
Alas, will it ever realise
That the only short-cut
Is unconditional self-offering?

9513. The Sermon Of Ignorance-Night

The sermon of ignorance-night:
I do not need God;
I do not need anything
Except one thing —
Within and without.

9514. I Shall Reach The Pinnacle-Height

I shall reach the pinnacle-height
Only when my life grows into
The fragrance of a self-giving flower.