7901. Do First Things First

Do first things first.
Do not try to prove to the world
That God exists.
Just try to see your total existence
Inside God’s Compassion-Heart.

7902. If You Have Inner Poise

If you have inner poise,
You will be able to see
How much pretence
Not only the world around you
But also you yourself enjoy.

7903. God Is More Than Ready

If you are ready
To correct your life,
Then you are bound to see
That God is more than ready
To direct His Dream-Boat towards you.

7904. You Want To Change The World

You want to change the world.
The world wants to change you.
Neither of you succeed
Or will ever succeed
Unless you invoke
A third party, God,
To transform both of you.

7905. Temptation-Love

Do not be a fool!
The divine Love of God
Is not going to satisfy you
Since you are already so satisfied
With the temptation-love
Of the human life.

7906. When You Defend

When you defend the animal in yourself,
Do you not realise that you offend
Not only the divine in you
But also the human in you?

7907. The Source Of My Joy

The ever-mounting flame
Of my heart’s aspiration-cry
Is the source of my life’s
Ever-increasing joy and delight.

7908. This Can Never Be The Message

“I am not responsible
For what I say and do.”
This can never be the message
Of the illumined,
Divine reality in me.

7909. The Clever Human Mind

Look at the clever human mind.
Outwardly it sneers at
But inwardly it admires
The beauty and purity
Of the heart.

7910. The Art Of Deceiving Others

Since you have learnt so well
The art of deceiving others,
I am sure you will perfect your art
Until you can deceive yourself as well.

7911. My Soul Is Always Grateful

My loving soul is always grateful
Because it is a living portion
Of my Beloved Supreme.

My aspiring heart is always grateful
Because it has established
Its inseparable oneness
With my soul.

Alas, my useless mind
Has not established its oneness
With anything.
Therefore, my mind’s gratitude-life
Has a fleeting breath.

7912. Even If My Mind Believes

Even if my mind believes
For a fleeting second
In the existence of my soul,
It may not be willing
To accept the soul’s dictates.

7913. You Will Become Strong

If you pray and meditate
You will become strong
In the inner world.

If you pray and meditate
Sleeplessly and unreservedly,
You will become stronger
In the inner world.

If you pray and meditate
Only to please God in His own Way,
You will become stronger than the strongest
In the inner world.

7914. To Transform The Vital

The fastest way to transform the vital
Is the way of wisdom:
Think of the vital
As rarely as possible
Or, with tremendous determination,
Do not think of the vital at all.