7915. The Inner Assurance

If you want to conquer the vital,
Feel that you have already conquered it
Or will conquer it sooner than at once.
Then you will have the inner assurance
That the victory-capacity is yours.

7916. No Wonder

First you think of your vital,
Then you bring it to the fore,
Then you feed it generously.
No wonder your vital is now
Destroying your inner life!

7917. As Long As You Remember

As long as you remember
That you came
From the Infinite Consciousness,
That you are of the Supreme
And for the Supreme,
You will automatically have
Inner and outer confidence.

7918. Something Divine Within

If you have something divine within,
It is only a matter of time
Before it will manifest itself
And be received,
Consciously or unconsciously,
By the entire world.

7919. The Presence Of A Spiritual Master

The very presence of a spiritual Master
Is unconsciously received
By the unaspiring world
And consciously received
By the aspiring world.

7920. No Sunlit Frontier

There is no such thing
As a sunlit frontier for the mind.
There is only a pitch-dark fortress.

7921. I Would Rather Embrace

I would rather embrace a quick death
Than gradually befriend
Lethargy-night and impurity-sky.

7922. The Result Of My Meditation

O Lord Supreme,
You are the object of my meditation.
You are my meditation itself.
You are the result of my meditation.

7923. The Beauty Of A Satisfaction-Dawn

If your heart’s likes
And your mind’s dislikes
Keep you constantly angry with the world,
How can you see the beauty
Of a satisfaction-dawn
Along the road of your life’s
Birthless and deathless journey?

7924. India Is The Celestial Music

India is not just a place.
India is not just a people.
India is the celestial music,
And inside that music
Anybody from any corner of the globe
Can find the real significance of life.

7925. India’s Tolerance

India is not Hindu, Muslim or Buddhist.
India is India.
Its tolerance is more than ready
To freely house all religions.

7926. A Special Charm And Beauty

India holds and will forever hold
A special charm and a special beauty
For all spiritual seekers:
The illumining and fulfilling message
Of the soul.

7927. See India With Your Aspiring Heart

See India with your aspiring heart.
Then inside even its outer weaknesses,
Inside its helplessness and hopelessness,
You are bound to feel
Its heart-illumining
And soul-fulfilling uniqueness.

7928. A Perennial Vision

To feel what India has and is
You must have
What you do not yet have:
A new vision, a perennial vision.

7929. The Heart Of India

The body of India
May be discouraging.
The mind of India
May be disheartening.
But the heart of India
Still maintains its pristine beauty and purity
Which will forever remain
Untouched by human ignorance.