301. Love before you serve

Love before you serve.
Serve before you smile.
Smile before you soar.
Soar before you declare.
What will you declare?
God-perfection in man.

302. Therefore I discover

My heart cries,
My soul wishes,
My Lord sanctions.
I discover.
I prosper.
I offer.

303. More than ready

You are now more than ready
Because your aspiration-bird
Is flying high above your mind’s
Binding and blinding

304. Yours is the victory supreme

Yours is the victory supreme,
For you have already started flying
Soulfully and unconditionally,
From the dead ashes of repentance-torture.

305. My choice

Aspiration is my choice.
Dedication is my choice.
Perfection is my choice.
Therefore God has allowed me
To hear His Voice
Here, there, all-where.

306. What is the matter with you?1

What is the matter with you?
Why don’t you apply
Your volcano-mind
To conquer
Your undying wolf-thoughts?

  1. FF 306-320. These fifteen poems were written on 28 October 1979 on a plane ride from Calcutta to Hyderabad.

307. A marathon run

A marathon run
Is not fun.
It is an unspeakably
Serious matter.

A marathon run
Turns me into an orphan-life:
No father, no mother,
Helpless and hopeless.

308. I go to God twice a day

I go to God twice a day.
In the morning I go to my Beloved Supreme
With the surrender of a tennis ball.
He tells me I am on my way to perfection.
In the evening I go to my Beloved Supreme
With a basket of gratitude-flowers.
He tells me I am all perfection.

309. Destination

Man’s destination
God’s destination:
Man’s destination is God’s
God’s destination is man’s

310. Give your heart a chance

Your thoughts have made
Your breath impure.
Your deeds have made
Your life insecure.
But your heart’s mounting cry can easily make
Your breath pure
Your life secure.
Just give your heart a chance.

311. A free pass to Heaven

Since I am no longer
A disciple of ignorance,
God, the real God, has accepted me
As one of His true disciples
And is now offering my aspiration-life
A free pass to Heaven.

312. The grip of attachment

The grip of attachment may please me
For a fleeting second
The grasp of detachment
Can surely and easily please me
For my entire life.

313. Even God is a disciple

Who is not a disciple?
Even God Himself is a disciple.
He is a disciple of my tiny gratitude-flame
And I am, indeed, a disciple
Of His own Eternity-Infinity’s
Immortal Perfection-Sun.

314. A great secret

You want to conquer
The perpetual fever of jealousy?
I will tell you a great secret:
Just love and become one
With your oneness-heart.