801. A map of silence

What do I see in my Heaven-free mind?
I see a map
Of midnight-silence
With a stupendous

802. While walking

While walking along
The avenue of my aspiration-heart,
What do I do?
I harvest my heart’s sunlight.
Slowly, steadily and selflessly.

803. You cannot possess two things

You cannot possess two things:
God’s Compassion-Sky
Man’s frustration-sky.

804. Even his enemies have forgiven him

Even his enemies
Have forgiven him totally
Now that he has fallen
Off the aspiration-tree.

805. Only one reason

You gave me
A flood of reasons
Why you do not care for me.
But I am giving you
Only one reason
Why I do not care for you.
I do not care for you
Not because
You do not care for me
But because
You do not care for God.

806. One positive seed-thought

One positive seed-thought
Has saved me,
My entire life:
My Lord Supreme
Will always love me
No matter what I do
Or what I say
Or even what I become.

807. Only when I allow

The strength of oneness-seed
I have,
The delight of satisfaction-tree
I am,
Only when I allow
All to claim my Beloved Supreme
As their own, very own.

808. O inspiration-sky

O inspiration-sky,
Where are you?
My mind is a beggar without you.

O aspiration-sun,
Where are you?
My heart is an orphan without you.

809. The beauty born of oneness-love

The beauty born of oneness-love
Forever lasts
In the perfection-life of man
In the Satisfaction-Heart of God.

810. Now I love

There was a time
When I loved you,
O my thought-world.
But now I love
The beauty of a silence-mind
The purity of a gratitude-heart.

811. Anxiety

I shall not fear you
Any more.
Your hostility will
Before long

812. Are you really sure?

Are you really sure
That you do not want
A temptation-life?
If you are sure,
Then the Illumination-Eye
Will hasten towards you.

813. Lose the map

Lose, lose the map
Of your mind.
The road of your heart
Will immediately appear
Before your vision-eye.

814. God’s morning Compassion

God’s morning Compassion
God’s evening Forgiveness
Have saved my life
Time and again.