1101. When I go beyond

When I go beyond myself
I see everything in God,
Everything for God
And, finally,
Everything as God.

1102. Self-reliance

Self-reliance is a
Human pressure,
Divine pleasure
Supreme treasure.

1103. I am right

Because I think of God,
I am right.
Because I am right,
I think of man.

1104. Your suffering-world

Do not overvalue
Your suffering-world.
Lo, it will vanish
Even faster
Than you can open your eyes.

1105. The powerfully wise man

The powerfully wise man in me
Sees the world as it is.
The pitifully stupid man in me
Sees the world as it appears.

1106. Towards my new perfection-life

Doubt is a big and poisonous thorn!
Let me cast it aside
While walking along the royal road
Towards my new perfection-life.

1107. Any negative thought

Any negative thought
Can intimidate you.
Any negative feeling
Can destroy you.

1108. Remain cheerful!

Remain cheerful!
I tell you,
A silver sky you will soon see.

Remain soulful!
I tell you,
A golden sun you will soon become.

1109. Willingness to learn

In the outer world
Willingness to learn
Is a good start.

In the inner world
Willingness to learn
Is a splendid victory.

1110. God will come to you

You may not go
As far as you want to go.
You may not dive
As deep as you want to dive.
You may not fly
As high as you want to fly.
But God can and will
Come to you immediately
The moment you soulfully long for Him,
Only Him,
To visit you.

1111. God has given you

God has given you a pure heart
To do good for yourself
And to do good for Him.
God has given you a sure life
To do good for His
Entire creation.

1112. I still care for God

In spite of having many things divine
You still cherish secretly
The pleasure-life.

In spite of having many things undivine
I still care for God
And the complete fulfilment of His Will.

1113. My real nature

My usual nature
May make many, many mistakes.
But my real nature
Cannot and will not
Make any mistakes.

1114. Your humility-life

Your outer pride-life
Is always in danger
And full of accidents.

Your inner humility-life
Knows not danger-frown
Or accident-cry.