1601. The first surprisingly soulful day

Is the first surprisingly soulful day
Of the rest of my life.

Is the first astonishingly peaceful night
Of the rest of my life.

1602. The God-Hour

Before the God-Hour strikes
Opportunity is meaningless.
After the God-Hour strikes
Opportunity is useless.
Everything must be done
Exactly at the very moment
The God-Hour strikes.

1603. What soulful purity has done

What has soulful purity
Done for me?
It has richly helped me
To spread my oneness-love
Here, there and all-where.
Try to achieve it.
You, too, will succeed.

1604. In Heaven the souls are placed

In Heaven
The souls are placed
According to their self-giving,
And God-loving deeds
Performed here on earth.

1605. God’s choice child

To remain always
God’s choice child,
Keep your heart’s door
Always wide open
And shut your mind’s door

1606. Awake, arise!

The beautiful and smiling Heaven
Is waiting for you.
It wants to give you
Its perfection-joy.

The soulful and crying earth
Is waiting for you.
It desires
Your aspiration-heart.

1607. Far from your reach

O my mind,
How can I blame you
If you do not give me
The beauty and divinity of peace?
By now I should have realised
That peace is something
Far from your reach.

1608. A sorrowful heart

As night unfailingly gives us
The stars and the moon,
Even so,
A sorrowful heart eventually gives us
A peaceful satisfaction.

1609. One depression-moment

One depression-moment
Is a slow and long
Followed by
An unmistakable and uncompromising

1610. Because your heart is selfless

Because your vital is charmless,
Nobody is afraid of you.
Because your heart is selfless,
Everybody is fond of you.

1611. Why explain?

Explain? Why explain?
Why do you have to take
The unnecessary trouble to explain?
The higher worlds
Do not need it.
This world and the lower worlds
Do not believe it.

1612. A rewarding and illumining experience

Self-pity is, indeed,
A wasted pity.
But self-concern is undoubtedly
A rewarding and illumining experience.

1613. They will do it for you

Do not blame yourself.
This world will do it for you,
Far beyond your imagination.

Do not admire yourself.
The higher worlds will do it for you,
Far beyond your expectation.

1614. Why disbelieve in God?

Why disbelieve in God?
Many are doing so.
You will be in the same boat as many others.
The boat will be overloaded.
Slowly, very slowly, it will sail.
Believe in God.
Very few are doing so.
You will have very few fellow passengers.
Yours will be a safe, smooth and speedy journey.
Plus, the goal is certain.