4701. Go and see God personally

Be not afraid!
Take the first step.
Go and see God personally.
His Omnipotence will prove to you
That it is also His universal Love.

4702. Your life-story

The world is eager to hear
Your life-story.
If you want to tell your story
In an interesting and arresting way,
Then become a prayerful heart
And a soulful life.

4703. An aspiring man

An unaspiring man can at most show
The possibilities of man.
An aspiring man reveals
The inevitabilities of God.

4704. I can afford to lose everything

In my outer life
I can afford to lose everything
Save my inspiration-light.

In my inner life
I can afford to lose everything
Save my aspiration-height.

4705. God’s Compassion-Story

God is ready to tell you
His Compassion-Story.
But are you ready to listen to it
With your prayerful breath?

4706. A new faith in God

Unless your heart develops
A new faith in God,
Why should God dance before you
His Infinity’s immortal Dance?

4707. Stand firmly against your mind

Stand firmly against your mind,
For it is delaying you indefinitely
From fully qualifying yourself
As a choice instrument
Of your Lord Supreme.

4708. The Supreme in me

The animal in me
Is all ignorance-night.
The human in me
Is all knowledge-light.
The divine in me
Is all wisdom-delight.
The Supreme in me
Is all Self-Transcendence-Height.

4709. If your mind purifies

If your mind purifies
Its own intention-night,
Then God’s Heart will give you
Its own Perfection-Light.

4710. A secret communication

If you despair no more
And desire a new life,
Then you will be able to enjoy
A secret communication
With the sacred God.

4711. Each soulful dream

Each soulful dream
Awakens a powerful reality.
Each powerful reality
Sings and plays
With God’s Satisfaction-Delight.

4712. Discouragement never glorifies

Discouragement never satisfies my vital.
Discouragement never rectifies my mind.
Discouragement never purifies my heart.
Discouragement never glorifies my life.

4713. A God-intoxicated man

Only a God-intoxicated man
Knows that God’s Compassion-Ocean
Can never be emptied.

4714. No hidden snare

No hidden snare inside you
To catch you.
No, none!
Dive deep within
Only to be caught
By God’s fondest Embrace.