6901. With My Lord

My Lord,
Without You I may at most
Try to be good,
But with You
I am perfectly perfect.

6902. Time’s Wild Flood

Time’s wild flood is rising
Because you have befriended
Your impure mind’s dark doubts.

6903. Today’s Pangs Of Separation

Today’s keen pangs of separation
May turn into tomorrow’s
Stupendously illumining

6904. A Never-Fading Desire

Each earth-bound
Human breath
Is a never-fading

6905. I Love You, My Lord

I love You, my Lord,
Not because of what
You are going to do for me,
But because of what You are
In Your Eternity’s Vision-Delight.

6906. Make Me Your Slave

My Lord,
You have made me Your friend.
Can You not make me Your slave instead,
To give me more joy?

6907. You May Never Recapture

Two unimaginably valuable things
You may never recapture:
Your sincerity’s cry
And your humility’s smile.

6908. I Am

I am,
Not because I do.
I am,
Because my heart sleeplessly cries
And my life breathlessly smiles.

6909. My Life’s Chief Concern

My life’s chief concern
Is to wait soulfully
For God’s choice God-Hour.

6910. Unbridgeable Misunderstandings

Alas, there are so many
Unbridgeable misunderstandings
Between man’s binding desire-life
And his liberating aspiration-life.

6911. A Satisfaction-Life

An experience-life
Is beautiful.
A realisation-life
Is fruitful.
A satisfaction-life
Is divinely beautiful,
Supremely fruitful
And absolutely perfect.

6912. God Has Taught Me

God has taught me
How to work.
I am begging Him to teach me
How to continue.

6913. Our Inner Communication

Our outer intelligence-conversation
Is artificial.
Our inner intuition-communication
Is always beautiful.

6914. My Good Fortune’s Greatest Smile

My good fortune’s greatest smile
Is the blue depth
Of my heart’s golden sky.