5501. No more tomorrows

No more tomorrows.
No more todays.
It is now, at this very moment,
That I shall become a divinely good
And supremely chosen instrument
Of my Lord Supreme.

5502. Your silence-mind

Only your purity-flooded
Can tame
Your restless and goalless vital.

5503. Today’s mental world

Just because the busy thoughts
Outnumber the quiet thoughts,
Today’s mental world
Is unlit and confused.

5504. A sincere and dear love

You can never enjoy
If you have a sincere and dear love
For the unfathomable deeps.

5505. The product of powerful visions

An ordinary and unaspiring man
Is the product of feeble dreams.
A great seeker and God-lover
Is the product of powerful
And fruitful visions.

5506. The goalless fighters

In the battlefield of life
Only the goalless fighters
Are godless failures.

5507. Each time I aspire

Each time I am inspired,
I become a song of God’s Beauty.
Each time I aspire,
I become the music of God’s Duty.

5508. Victory and defeat

Victory and defeat are interwoven.
Do not try to separate them,
But try to go beyond them
If your heart longs for abiding peace.

5509. God Himself will be proud of you

You do not have to hide your promise;
Just hide your pride
And transform your promise.
God Himself will be proud of you,
Far more than you could ever
Be proud of yourself.

5510. Today’s proud ambition

Proud ambition
Tomorrow becomes
A helpless victim to itself.

5511. An unblossomed bud

Unless God’s Compassion-Flood descends
Into your entire being,
Your life will remain
An unblossomed, tiny little bud.

5512. Only your heart’s aspiration-cry

It is only your heart’s aspiration-cry
That can liberate your mind
From the intense apprehension
Of an absolutely futile nothingness.

5513. Fight and fight

Fight and fight against
The despondency of your vital,
If you want to bring to the fore
Your loving and aspiring heart’s

5514. Try to outweep

O heart, my heart,
Try to outweep the false tears
Of the mind.
Try! You will make the aspiration-world
Immensely happy.