3201. The shrine of my heart

Not fear,
Not worry,
Not doubt,
But aspiration-flames
Will today adorn
The shrine of my heart.

3202. O superiority-tree

O superiority-tree,
You have damaged my heart.
O inferiority-leaf,
You have damaged my life.

3203. A questioning mind

A questioning mind
Cannot give.
An unaspiring heart
Cannot receive.

3204. It was God’s Plan

It was God’s Plan
Right from the beginning of time
To give our soulful faith
A splendid victory.

3205. O blissful independence

O blissful independence,
Will you ever be mine?
O peaceful oneness,
Will you ever be mine?

3206. My heart has succeeded

My mind has failed
In eclipsing my heart-image.
My heart has succeeded
In nesting in my God-Image.

3207. In my Lord’s Heart

My Lord has His tomorrow’s Beauty
In my heart.
I have my today’s purity
In my Lord’s Heart.

3208. Newness satisfies

Newness satisfies my thirsty eyes.
Fulness satisfies my hungry mind.
Oneness satisfies my crying heart.

3209. Not a difficult task

Not a difficult task
To empty load after load
Of ignorance
When the mind is no longer
A slave to teeming doubts.

3210. When I became a candidate

When I became a candidate
For the path of love, devotion and surrender,
I inherited two invaluable possibilities:
God-Joy and God-Satisfaction.

3211. Your capacity for self-delusion

As long as you maintain
Your great capacity for self-delusion,
Your inner poverty-life
Cannot and will not leave you.

3212. Your Forgiveness-Sun

My Lord, someday perhaps
I shall be able to express
Your Compassion-Light,
But Your Forgiveness-Sun
Will always remain
Far beyond my expression.

3213. The smile of my eyes

The smile of my eyes
Has a beautiful soul.
The cry of my heart
Is a fruitful soul.

3214. My dream-eyes exist

My dream-eyes exist
Only for God the Beauty.
My reality-life exists
Only for God the Forgiveness.