601. My peace of mind

Sweet Lord,
How can I multiply
My peace of mind?
“My child,
The only way to increase
Your peace of mind
Is to multiply it immediately,
Plus unreservedly.”

602. No introduction needed

Ignorance-night and wisdom-light
Need no introduction.
A life of ignorance is a life
Of senseless self-explanation.
A life of wisdom is a life
Of flawless self-explanation.

603. Compassion-heart, justice-eye

For my compassion-heart,
The exercise of power
Is the last resort.

For my justice-eye,
The exercise of power
Is the first aid.

604. My soulful heart

My soulful heart
Devotedly hopes for the best.

My fearful mind
Sleeplessly hopes to avoid the worst.

605. What my restless mind has

What my restless mind has
Is an anxiety-train.
What my sleepless heart is
Is a faith-mountain.

606. Why is it hard?

Blessing-Light from Above
We have totally forgotten.
Why is it, then, hard
To forget our torture-night from below?

607. A supreme secret

The best test of my advice to myself
Is my perfection-depth
And not my satisfaction-length.
I have always known this supreme secret —
Yet, alas! Alas!

608. An appreciating consolation

No real substitute for a purity-heart!
But an unreserved sincerity-mind
Does pretty well —
An appreciating consolation.

609. My dreams have not come true

My dreams have not come true.
My mind is a torture-cave.

My nightmares have not come true.
My heart is a rapture-palace.

610. A very long time

Twin fools:
My mind and my heart.
My mind doubts everything and everyone.
My heart believes everything and everyone.
My Lord, are they not equally sick?
“No, My child,
The sickness of your heart,
I shall be able to cure
Before long.
But to cure your mind,
I am afraid,
Will take a very, very, very
Long time.”

611. A fulfilling conversation

My mind says to my heart:
“My dear friend, heart,
How have you become so rich?”
I have become rich by spending myself sleeplessly.
“Thanks, my dear friend, heart.
Your way is a little bit difficult for me.
Can you tell me an easier way?”
Yes, I can.
Just expand yourself,
So you are as rich as I am.
Then we will be equal.
Something more:
At long last
We will be one.
“Thanks, my dear friend,
You have not only illumined me
But also fulfilled me.”

612. What has God given me?

What has God given me?
A beautiful heart.
What shall I give Him?
A soulful face.

613. What my desire-life wants

What my desire-life wants
Is a giant drum.
What my aspiration-life needs
Is a tiny flute.

614. God’s Satisfaction-Founder

I cared not for anybody else.
I saved myself only.
Therefore, I was a despicable miser.
I am saving others.
Therefore, I am a remarkable wonder.
I shall save the world.
Then, my Lord Supreme will call me
His Satisfaction-Founder.