8901. A Series Of Daring Visions

A series of daring visions:
I shall love the world
The way my Lord Supreme
Loves the world.
I shall become as perfect
As my Lord Supreme
Wants me to be.
I shall never, never miss
My God-appointment-hour.

8902. The Spiritual Message Of Tennis

The spiritual message of tennis:
Love, serve
And finally surrender
To the Supreme in the winner.
The loser who cheerfully surrenders
To the Supreme in the winner
Becomes himself a real winner
In the inner world.

8903. My Heart Is Meant For Crying

My heart is meant for crying,
Crying for oneness, constant and inseparable,
With my Lord Supreme.

My soul is meant for smiling,
Smiling in oneness, constant and inseparable,
With my Lord Supreme.

8904. When My Soul Identifies

When my soul identifies
With my body, vital and mind,
It embraces suffering.
When my soul identifies
With its own highest Reality,
Easily it can remain
Far beyond the realm of sorrow.

8905. God’s Monument Of Delight

If you can sincerely feel
That your mind is an instrument of God,
Then God will definitely turn your mind
Into His own Monument of Delight.

8906. Adversity May Hide

Adversity may hide
But adversity can never hide

8907. Be Wise And Accept

Although you do not care
To have anything from God,
God wants to give you His Kingdom.
Although God does not need
Anything from you,
He wants to give you His Throne.
Be wise and accept them
With a gratitude-heart.

8908. Establish Your Friendship

God is more than eager
To cancel your teeming weaknesses
If you are ready to cancel
Your friendship with fleeting faith
And establish your friendship
With abiding and soulfully childlike faith.

8909. A Life Of Unanswered Questions

Your life will remain
A life of unanswered questions
Because your heart does not keep alive
The Message of God’s Love.

8910. You Will Be Able To Escape

Sooner or later
You will be able to escape
Your mind’s stupidity-sea,
But your life will never
Be able to escape
God’s Compassion-Sun.

8911. Its Cynical Eye Of Distrust

This world of ours
Takes enormous pride
In its cynical eye
Of dark distrust.

8912. Your Life Is Begging For Happiness

Your mind thinks
Nothing is worth believing.
Your heart feels
Nobody is worth loving.
No wonder your life
Is constantly begging for happiness
Here, there and everywhere.

8913. A Very Strange Life

His is a very strange life:
He soulfully keeps his heart
In the company of God,
While he deliberately keeps his mind
In the company of man.

8914. False Friends

It is good to have friends,
But be careful of those
Who try to lean very heavily on you
And sap every drop of your spiritual energy.
Are they friends?
No, they are just leading your soul
To a life of bankruptcy.