6601. Just One Positive Step

Take just one positive step.
Every day say:
“My heart is of God
And my life is for God.”

6602. My Heart Has Been Crying

Centuries come and go.
My mind does not know
What it has been doing all along,
But my heart knows
What it has been doing.
It has been crying
For the presence of the Infinite
Inside the tiny body-cave
Of the finite.

6603. Somehow I Have Lost My Way

Somehow I have lost my way.
Alas, I now see the road ahead
Constantly lengthening,
Bewildering and frightening me.

6604. God Has Invited You To His Party

God has invited you to His Party.
Do not forget to carry with you
Your heart’s gift:
Absolutely pure gratitude.

6605. The Freedom Of True Independence

If you are willing
To run the race of oneness-light,
Then only can you enjoy the prize:
The freedom of true independence.

6606. God’s Forgiveness-Light

If you are bathed
In God’s Forgiveness-Light,
Then no dust of earth
Will be able to cling to you.

6607. The Beckoning Hands Of God’s Smile

The beckoning Hands
Of God’s hopeful Smile
Will, without fail, one day greet
The fruitful cries
Of man’s prayerful heart.

6608. My Steady Mind

My steady mind sits and dreams
At the foot of my Lord’s Perfection-Tree.
My ready heart climbs up and devours
My Lord’s Satisfaction-Fruits.

6609. Your Confusion-Boat Will Sink

Your mind’s confusion-boat will sink
Only when you are ready to sail
Your heart’s illumination-boat.

6610. Your Friendship With Humanity

Your friendship with humanity
Is founded upon your curiosity.
Therefore, do not blame God
If you find yourself completely lost
Inside a dark nothingness-night.

6611. Your Orphan-Life

Because yesterday your mind
Enjoyed its indifference-night,
Today your orphan-life
Is drowning in the sea of helplessness-night.

6612. How Do You Dare Pressure God?

How do you dare pressure God
To invite you to His Delight-Feast,
When you are all the time treasuring
Your heart’s insecurity-hunger?

6613. A Lasting Connection

The silence-touch of Eternity
Has unconditionally granted me
A lasting and transcending
Oneness-connection with God.

6614. His Soul Lives For

His mind lives for knowledge-light.
His heart lives for affection-delight.
His life lives for perfection-might.
His soul lives for transcendence-height.