4001. Every time I run away from You

Every time I run away from You
And come back,
I see Your Eyes
More illumining than before
And I feel Your Heart
More forgiving than before.

4002. An amazing miracle

A longing and climbing desire
Is nothing short of an amazing miracle.
Try, you too can perform it easily.

4003. You can save yourself

If you know how
To love yourself divinely,
Then you will be able to save yourself
From being loved by others undivinely.

4004. Fear ends in self-defence

Fear ends in self-defence.
Self-defence ends in life-division.
Life-division ends in satisfaction-destruction.

4005. To escape the mind-jungle

If your heart really wants
To escape the mind-jungle,
Then your life must prove
To be a perfect stranger
To destroying and disheartening blunders.

4006. Ask your body to wake up

Your body is sleeping.
Ask your body to wake up.
Your vital is shouting.
Ask your vital to shut up.
Your mind is delaying.
Ask your mind to hurry up.
Your heart is disobeying.
Ask your heart to shape up.
Your soul is brooding.
Ask your soul to cheer up.
Your goal is hiding.
Ask your goal to show up.

4007. I have time to think

When do I have time to think
Of those who block my path
To Self-realisation?
I have time only to think
Of God
Inside my prayerful heart
And of myself
Inside God’s bountiful Smile.

4008. God’s Compassion-Waves

God’s Compassion-Waves
Have given me God’s universal Life.
God’s Forgiveness-Sea
Has given me God’s transcendental Life.

4009. The choice

Either you can treasure
Your life of self-importance
Or you can become part and parcel
Of God’s Life omnipresent.

4010. Your mind gets an ego-thrill

Your mind gets an ego-thrill
From victory-competition.
Your heart gets a oneness-thrill
From dedication-distribution.

4011. Cry for another reason

You think of yourself;
Therefore, you cry.
You love yourself;
Therefore, you cry.
You need yourself;
Therefore, you cry.
Can you not cry for another reason
Only once?
Can you not cry to liberate
Your crying life from your binding mind
And strangling vital?

4012. Respect the world

If you want the world to respect you,
Then respect the world in advance,
And never hurl the suspicion-lance
At the world.

4013. Do you not remember?

Do you not remember
That only the other day
You loved God unconditionally?

Do you not remember
That only the other day
You claimed God as your own, very own?

4014. Why do you blame God?

You wanted to direct your life.
You have done it.
Now why do you blame God?
How can you blame someone
Who is completely innocent?