2401. The inner game

When the inner game begins
The player knows
That he does not play the game,
For he does not know the rules.
What he knows how to do
And what he spontaneously does
Is offer the beautiful surprise-smile
Of a witness-soul.

2402. My adamantine determination

Who can whitewash
My filthy and ugly mind?

What can whitewash
My filthy and ugly mind?
My adamantine determination
And my silver sincerity.

2403. Each new start

Each serious problem
Intensifies my God-loving heart,
Believe it or not.

Each sad failure
Purifies my God-serving life,
Believe it or not.

Each new start
Strengthens my determination
Lengthens my aspiration,
Believe it or not.

2404. A life of fulfilment-tree

I love you
Because yours is a heart
Of silver oneness-fountain.

I need you
Because yours is a life
Of perfect fulfilment-tree.

2405. The fire of wild separativity

Unless and until you extinguish
The fire of wild separativity,
You will never be granted
The moon-white feeling
Of oneness-love.

2406. How can he be alive?

How can he be alive
When his faith is not alive?
How can he be perfect
When his aspiration is not perfect?

2407. Fruitfulness triumphs

Madness-noon is contagious.
Sadness-night is contagious.
Soulfulness is spacious.
Fruitfulness is precious.

2408. His Child-Heart-Smile

Of all the things
That I have borrowed
From my Beloved Supreme,
His Eternity’s Child-Heart-Smile
I value and treasure most.

2409. To span the yawning gulf

To span the yawning gulf
Between God and man,
He has given up both
The seeds of his desire-life
The fruits of his aspiration-life.

2410. Live with a union-heart

Live with a division-mind.
You are bound to tremble
With a fear-filled life.

Live with a union-heart.
Lo, you have already started dancing
With a fear-free life.

2411. God gave me his Mind

Something new happened
This morning:
I came to realise
That God still loves me.

Something new happened
This evening:
God gave me His Mind
And took away mine
In exchange.

2412. Something new happened

Something new happened
This morning:
I meditated on the Supreme

Something new shall happen
This evening:
My life shall grow into
A gratitude-heart.

2413. His future friend

His ex-friend
Is ignorance-night.
His present friend
Is knowledge-light.
His future friend
Will be wisdom-delight.

2414. Hope is brightness-dawn

Hope is brightness-dawn.
Faith is fulness-noon.
Surrender is transcendence-day.