3501. Three are the easy steps

Three are the easy steps
To enter into the real spiritual life:
Do not try to fight the world,
Do not expect anything from the world,
Do not forget to surrender to the illumining dictates
Of your God-representative here on earth:
Your soul.

3502. Do you want to enjoy your self?

Do you want to enjoy your self
Or do you want to enjoy the world?
You can enjoy one of the two,
But not both.
Therefore, make the perfect choice
If you really want abiding satisfaction
In your life.

3503. He shows interest in you

He shows interest in you
Not because he thinks
That you are great
But because he feels
That you have the capacity
To make him great.

3504. Don’t blame your confusion-mind

Don’t blame your confusion-mind,
For it is you who are to blame.
How is it that you have not offered
Your heart’s oneness-light
To your confusion-mind?

3505. You can never spare a moment

You are always free
To speak to others,
But you can never spare a moment
Either to speak to your inner self
Or to hear your inner self speak to you.
How do you then expect to make progress
In achieving perfection and satisfaction?

3506. Dependence-division-boat

Will always carry you
To a goalless shore.
Independence in inseparable oneness
Will always lead you
To the Golden Shore.

3507. What confession actually needs

What confession actually needs
Is the transcendental Illumination
And not the universal Compassion.

3508. God’s perfect faith in you

Be not afraid
Of your teeming worries and anxieties.
God’s perfect faith in you perfectly knows
What it has to do with them
And what it has to do about them.

3509. A real difference

It makes no difference
Whether you love the world
Or the world loves you.
It makes a real difference
Only when you love the Supreme
In the world
And the world loves the Supreme
In you.

3510. You are obliged

You are in no way obliged
To perfect the world.
You are in no way obliged
To see perfection in the world.
But you are definitely obliged
To perfect yourself.

3511. To know more

To know more,
You have to love more.
To love more,
You have to discover more.
To discover more,
You have to not only surrender more,
But also surrender constantly
To the Will of God.

3512. Do not be afraid of shadows

Do not be afraid of shadows.
Someday you are bound to reach
The permanent sunshine.
Therefore, be not afraid
Of the shadows
That follow you.

3513. The human in you deceives him

The human in you deceives him,
Not because you are clever
But because you are weak.

The divine in you loves him,
Not because he is great
But because he is good.

3514. A perfectly adaptable instrument

Nothing is practical,
Nothing is practicable,
Unless and until you become
A perfectly adaptable instrument.