7201. A Masterpiece Of Devotion

The more I think of Him
And the more I speak of Him,
The more my heart is transformed
Into a masterpiece of devotion.

7202. His Is The Mind

His is the mind
That enjoys sleepless struggles.
His is the life
That enjoys useless unrest.

7203. Teachers

My soul taught my heart
How to fly.
My heart taught my mind
How to cry.
But my mind is now teaching my life
How to sigh.

7204. The Silence-God Of The Beyond

The Silence-God
Of the ever-transcending Beyond
Has opened my heart’s
And my life’s

7205. An Unappeasable Hunger

A desire-bound life
Is ruthlessly and inevitably seized
By the indomitable strength
Of an unappeasable hunger.

7206. You Cannot Judge

Your life can succeed
And your heart can proceed,
But you cannot be the judge
Of their success and progress.

7207. No Insignificant Work

There is no such thing
As insignificant work.
Therefore, we must needs do everything
With our heart’s love
And our life’s respect.

7208. My Heart’s Silence-Tears

Sweet are my heart’s silence-tears.
How I wish I could keep them
Safe inside the happiness-palace
Of my soul.

7209. His Mind Never Proceeds

His mind never proceeds
Further than his long-treasured
Himalayan plans.

7210. Three Imperishable Sorrows

An impurity-mind,
An insecurity-heart
And a futility-life:
These are his
Three imperishable sorrows.

7211. To Preserve Is To Unveil

To preserve my heart’s
Burning faith
Is to unveil my soul’s
Sacred promise.

7212. The Aimless Contours

Alas, my mind does not want
To stop following
The aimless contours
Of the confusion-shore.

7213. Fly Like Your Soul

Do not encage your earthly minutes
If you want to fly
Like your soul
In the liberty-firmament.

7214. Liberal Imaginations

The imaginations
Of the human mind
Are quite liberal.

The realisations
Of the divine heart
Are quite conservative.