3001. Unless you lose yourself

Unless you lose yourself completely
In the Compassion-Heart of God,
How can you and how will you
Find yourself smiling
At the Protection-Feet of God?

3002. The main problem with my mind

The main problem with my mind is this:
It thinks that it can advise God
About creating a better world.

3003. Your God-attempt

Just for a fleeting second
You are enslaved by a hostile thought.
This does not mean that
You can never be free any more.
I assure you,
Your God-attempt will,
Without fail, liberate you
And will grant you
Tomorrow’s perfection-joy.

3004. If you want to be perfect

Soulfully smile,
Sleeplessly cry
Unconditionally serve,
If you want to be always perfect
In the world of becoming and transcending.

3005. The fond child of God

Falsehood never thinks it is falsehood.
It thinks that it is
Nothing other than truth.

Truth knows that it is truth.
It also knows something more:
It knows that it is
The fond child of God.

3006. The art of commanding yourself

If you want to free yourself
From the constant demands of others,
Then immediately learn the art
Of commanding yourself.

3007. I am suffering

When I feel that
I am suffering for myself,
It actually means that
I am suffering from myself.

When I feel that
I am suffering for God,
It means that
God, out of His infinite Bounty,
Has made me a chosen instrument of His.

3008. Why are you being tortured?

Who is torturing you?
Not God, definitely!
Why are you being tortured?
You are being tortured
Because of your overfed mind,
Underfed heart
And uninvited soul.

3009. Your soul will please you

You have asked your mind
To supervise your heart.
Now both of them are unhappy.
Your mind misunderstands your heart,
And your heart does not know
What your mind actually wants.
Such being the case,
Can you not ask your soul
To supervise both these younger members
Of its family?
I tell you, your soul will please
Your mind and your heart.

3010. My Lord’s Quality and Quantity

My Lord is at once
His Quality and His Quantity.
In my heart He abides
In His Compassion-Quality.
In my mind He abides
In His Forgiveness-Quantity.

3011. To solve your problems

You want to solve
All your inner problems.
Alas, you are unable to do it.
I will tell you the secret of secrets:
To solve all your inner and outer problems
Just try to solve one problem —
Realise God in His own Way.
Lo and behold, your inner and outer problems
Are nowhere to be found.

3012. Truth helps us in our quest

Why do we want to hide
Anything from truth?
Does it punish us?
Does it condemn us?
What does truth do, then?
It only helps us in our quest
For our self-illumination
And our God-realisation.

3013. Time for a new boss

Your mind is a deaf and blind boss.
It is high time for you
To have a new boss.
Look! Your new boss, your heart,
Is eagerly waiting to give you a job
Which will inspire you and encourage you
To grow into Satisfaction-Delight.

3014. If you have a wrong thought

If you have a wrong thought,
Then replace it with a right thought.
If you have a wrong mind,
Then place it under the care of
Your compassion-heart
Your illumination-soul.