5301. With equal cheerfulness

My joy shall know no bounds
If God shows me His Compassion-Eye
At this very moment.
But if He wants to show me
His Compassion-Eye
In the very distant future,
With equal cheerfulness
I can and I shall wait.

5302. Time’s telescope

If you want to own
Time’s telescope
To see the head of the past
And the heart of the future,
Then become inseparably one
With the waves of your heart’s

5303. This same life

Life is tension,
Life is apprehension.
Yet this same life
In the distant future
Will embody God’s Manifestation-Light
And God’s Satisfaction-Delight.

5304. What you actually need

What you want
Is an attention-drum.
What you actually need
Is a transformation-flute.

5305. Wait for God

If you do not know the truth,
Then wait; wait for the right time.
God will come to you
And smile at your preparation-hour.

If you know the truth,
Then also wait; wait for God
To descend upon you
With His Satisfaction-Shower.

5306. The heart is beautiful

The heart is beautiful
Because it breathes in

The soul is fruitful
Because it breathes in

5307. A very difficult subject

My Lord, since spirituality
Is a very difficult subject,
May I start studying it
With a minute-life of surrender
A second-life of gratitude?

5308. Our faultless choice

There are two realities:
One is a God-embracing reality,
The other is a satisfaction-destroying
At every moment we have to make
Our faultless choice.

5309. An unconditional seeker

The heart of an unconditional seeker
Lives in God’s Promise-World.
The life of an unconditional seeker
Lives in God’s Delight-World.

5310. Alarming danger

Your heart will enter into
Alarming danger
If it ever sees eye-to-eye
With the mind’s poison-doubt.

5311. Surrender is peace-expansion

Surrender is peace-expansion.
Gratitude is delight-expansion.
Oneness is birthless and deathless

5312. Our conscience-light

When we listen to
The whispering dictates
Of our conscience-light,
We can easily escape
The jaws of death.

5313. Inside God’s Heart of Pride

God is so pleased
With his heart’s compassion-sky
And his life’s dedication-sun,
That God has asked him to stay
All the time
Inside His Heart of Pride.

5314. Before you pray and meditate

Before you pray and meditate,
You must invoke the deer-speed.
While you are praying and meditating,
You must invoke the elephant-confidence.
After you have prayed and meditated,
You must invoke the lion-victory.