1. A new marathon1

Who am I?
A completely long lost tornado-speed.
Yesterday my supremely uncooperative body
Ran the New York Marathon.
The lightning-arrows of anxieties
And worries did not attack me.
I must say, they have
Been very kind to me.
They do not knock at my heart’s door.
No, not even by mistake!
But cramps,
My unfailing friends, came and
Shook hands with me gently
Even before I had covered eleven miles.
Usually they come to befriend me
At the eighteenth mile.
But this time, after fifteen miles,
They desired to lavish
Infinitely more affection on me.
So they embraced me most avidly
And most powerfully.
Alas, alas!
From fifteen miles on,
I dragged my ill-fated body,
At times with my compassion-smiles,
At times with my frustration-cries.
To my great joy and sublime relief,
The worst possible nightmare
Finally ended
At the end of twenty-six miles.

One marathon-world
Leads me into another marathon-world.
To satisfy this new marathon-world,
Or to be satisfied by this new one, will be
Infinitely — I really mean it —
More difficult.
For here it is not just twenty-six miles
and 385 yards to run,
But to sow the seeds
Of ten thousand flaming flower-poems
Which at long last I shall place
Devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally
At the Compassion-Feet
Of my Beloved Supreme.

  1. FF 1-70. These seventy poems were written on a Pan Am flight to Japan on 22 October 1979.

2. Are you not ashamed?

Hurry up, my body!
Are you not ashamed
Of your lethargy-night?

Hurry up, my vital!
Are you not ashamed
Of your aggression-fight?

Hurry up, my mind!
Are you not ashamed
Of your doubt-poison?

Hurry up, my heart!
Are you not ashamed
Of your timidity-insecurity?

3. Days pass by

Days pass by.
No success-height.

Days pass by.
No progress-light.

Days pass by.
No perfection-delight.

4. Afraid

My mind is afraid
To feel anything.
My heart is afraid
To discuss anything.
My soul is afraid
To manifest anything.
And I am afraid
To like anything.

5. The tears of Mother Earth

The tears of Mother Earth
Make my life pure.

The smiles of Father Heaven
Make my heart sure.

6. Self-defeat

You defeated yourself
You did not try.

You are defeating yourself
You are not crying.

You will defeat yourself
You will not be living.

7. Prayer-cry

A tree is the seeker’s

A flower is the seeker’s

A fruit is the seeker’s

8. Inside my silence-life

Inside my sound-life
I realise how weak I am.
Inside my silence-life
I discover that God’s God-Power
Is my other name.

9. God is not discouraged

God is not discouraged
You are an unthinkable fool.

God is not discouraged
You are an unspeakable rogue.

God is not discouraged
You are an unbelievable failure.

10. A small trouble

A small trouble:
I do not think of God.

A big trouble:
God does not think of me.

A small fear:
I do not love God.

A big fear:
God does not love me.

11. A tamed mind

A tamed mind
Can do anything.
It can even think
Of the Compassion-God
And the perfection-life.

12. Pride

A woman’s pride:

A man’s pride:

Earth’s pride:

Heaven’s pride:

13. What you need

What you need is another moon
To reveal you.

What you need is another sun
To fulfil you.

14. My journey’s companion

My journey’s companion:
A silence-world.
My journey’s goal:
God’s Heaven-blossoms.