9001. Do Give Me The Capacity

My Lord,
Do give me the capacity
To see the Divinity
In everything You do
And to grow into that Divinity
At every moment.

9002. Gratitude Flows From The Heart

True gratitude can never come
From the mind.
It has to flow from the heart
To the mind, vital and body
Until everything that we have and are
Is a sea of gratitude.

9003. My Golden Dreams

At night
I treasure my golden dreams.
In the morning
I put them immediately to work.

9004. A God-Loving Thought

Do not have the same unaspiring thought
Again and again.
Have a new thought this time,
A God-loving thought.

9005. Love Divine

Love divine
Is the fragrance-purity
That the Unknown uses
To bring to the fore
The hidden divinity
Of the known.

9006. I Shall Not Give Up

O human mind,
Your incalculable mischief-life
Is past correction.
Yet I shall not give up on you,
For I need your perfection-smile.

9007. Turn To God Alone

Since God is interested in human affairs,
Can you not humbly and gratefully
Turn to God alone
For His supreme Guidance?

9008. A Perpetual Possibility

Because I know
That my life is nothing but
A perpetual possibility,
With my heart’s lucid stillness
I try to advance progressively forward,
Always forward.

9009. If You Do Not Train Your Mind

If you do not train your mind,
There shall come a time
When your life will be forced
To strain itself
And you will be thrown
Into a disaster-sea.

9010. Excellent Intention-Flowers

It is not a hard task
For enthusiasm to grasp
The beauty and purity
Of excellent intention-flowers.

9011. The Pangs Of Mortality

There was a time when my life lived
In the blue dwelling of divinity.
Alas, now it is forced to endure
The pangs of mortality.

9012. Do Not Crave Ceaseless Glory

Do not crave ceaseless glory.
You will be forced to experience once again
The failure-life of your hoary past.

9013. Smiling Is Easier Than Crying

Smiling is easier than crying.
Therefore, I smile.
Loving is easier than smiling.
Therefore, I love.
Surrendering is easier than loving.
Therefore, I surrender.

9014. Save Yourself First

Save yourself inwardly first,
And then try to save others.
Only if you are saved inwardly
Can you become a perfect instrument
Of your Beloved Supreme
And a perfect helper of mankind.