8801. A Special Chance

God is giving you a special chance
To please Him.
You have only to sleeplessly feel
That He loves you most.

8802. He Lives With The Hope

He lives with the hope
That someday, somehow,
Someone will realise the Supreme in him
So he can fulfil his Lord
Here on earth.

8803. Aspire Constantly!

O truth-seeker, aspire,
Aspire constantly!
Otherwise, you will be fooling
Not your Lord Supreme
But only yourself.

8804. The Fate Of God’s creation

Alas, it often happens
That the good souls must suffer
Because of the bad ones.
Such is the fate
Of God’s creation.

8805. He Pretended To Be Full Of Light

In his Master’s presence
He pretended to be full of light,
But out of his Master’s sight,
He became the darkest possible night.

8806. To Know What Is Happening

One does not have to be
A God-realised soul
To know what is happening
Inside others’ hearts.
Just raise your consciousness high enough
And you will be able to know
What others are feeling.

8807. My Mind Makes Me Feel

My mind quite often makes me feel
That it is drinking nectar
Even while it is drinking

8808. Only Heart-Power Pleases God

No other power on earth
Will be able to please God
Except your heart-power.
It is heart-power alone
That God will always treasure.

8809. An Exception

When God says
That He is not completely satisfied
With any human being,
Each individual thinks
That he is an exception.

When God changes His opinion
And says that He is pleased
With each and every human being,
Each individual thinks
That God is infinitely more pleased with him
Than with the rest of the world.

8810. A Gift Worth Receiving

Only a gift
That has been offered
With the heart’s oneness-power
Is worth receiving.

8811. God’s Supreme Satisfaction

Your Beloved Supreme is ready to give you
Something infinitely more significant
Than God-realisation,
And that is His supreme Satisfaction

8812. The Message Of Pride

God is far more satisfied
With a blade of grass
Embodying the message of humility
Than with a highly advanced seeker
Who still embodies the message of pride.

8813. Not In The Supreme’s Way

Alas, most seekers love the Supreme,
Manifest the Supreme
And please the Supreme
In their own way
And not in His Way.

8814. Your Soul Wants To Be Proud

Your soul wants to be proud of you
At every moment.
Therefore, sleeplessly your soul
Encourages you,
Inspires you
And energises you
To become a most perfect instrument
Of your Beloved Supreme.