7801. My Lord’s Beauty’s Eyes

My Lord Supreme,
Your Beauty’s Eyes
Sleeplessly love me.
In return, may I not love
Your Divinity’s Heart

7802. This Poor And Feeble World

Will this poor and feeble world
Ever be liberated?
Will this helpless and hopeless world
Ever awaken
To a single golden dawn?

7803. The Life Of Outer Relinquishment

You think that by practising
The life of outer relinquishment
You are fast approaching
The life of inner enlightenment.
It is impossible!

7804. Overburdened With Problems

Since your mind
Is overburdened with problems
Created by none other than yourself,
How can your life ever dream
Of rich salvation?

7805. Do What You Can Now

There is no such thing
As the near future.
Anything but here and now
Is a mental hallucination.
Therefore, do what you can now,
And be what you are supposed to be
At this very moment.

7806. Unsophisticated And Uncluttered

The life that unreservedly serves humanity
Is unsophisticated.
The heart that unconditionally loves God
Is uncluttered.

7807. I Needed A Listener

I needed a listener.
Alas, nobody wanted to be a listener.
Now my Lord is telling me
That I will never have a listener
Unless and until
I have become a lover.
I must love earth
With my service-delight.
I must love Heaven
With my aspiration-height.

7808. Not A Matter Of Curiosity

He tries to free himself
From curiosity,
For he feels God-realisation
Is not a matter of curiosity
But a matter of wisdom-light.

7809. The Comfort Of Fantasy

Your mind may enjoy
The comfort of fantasy,
But for your poor heart,
Satisfaction remains a far cry.

7810. If You Suspect The World

If you suspect the world
And its motives,
Your outer life may not suffer much,
But your inner life will starve to death.

7811. Indefinitely Detained

You are fond of staying
Inside your desire-bound mind.
No wonder you are indefinitely detained
Inside your own doubt-fort.

7812. The Smile Of Justice-Light

The smile of justice-light
Can alone grant you
The blessing of peace-delight.

7813. Surrender-Flower, Gratitude-Fruit

When my heart permanently has
The excellence of a surrender-flower
And a gratitude-fruit,
God-Perfection shall not
Remain a far cry.

7814. Two Unthinkable Things

Two unthinkable things you think:
That ignorance-night
Can completely envelop others,
But not you,
And that God loves you only.