9301. The Song He Enjoys Most

Your Beloved Supreme is inviting you
To walk with Him
And learn from Him the Song
That He eternally enjoys most:
His Eternity’s Oneness-Song
With your heart,
In your life
And for your breath.

9302. Get Used To Saying No

Since I wish to become
An excellent God-seeker,
I must get used to saying no
To the debris of the past,
And I must get used to saying yes
To the edifice of the future.

9303. An Invaluable Achievement

Purity without sincerity
Is an unusual achievement.
Purity with sincerity
Is an invaluable achievement.

9304. Since You Are For God

Since you are for God
And for God only,
My Eternity’s aspiration-heart
Is all yours
And my Infinity’s dedication-life
Is all yours.

9305. His Master’s Heart-University

An obedient disciple
Is a permanent student
At his Master’s heart-university.

9306. A Free Access

Only an obedient disciple
Has a free access
To his Master’s heart
Of infinite Peace
And his Master’s soul
Of infinite Bliss.

9307. What God’s Compassion Is

I do not know who God is,
But I do know what God’s Compassion is:
The eternal beginning
And immortal continuation
Of my soul’s Godward journey.

9308. My Ego Talks

My ego talks,
My humility acts.

9309. I Cannot Please You

God, I cannot please You
Because I am not always pure.

“Man, I cannot please you
Because you and your pride
Are always cocksure.”

9310. What I Am Supposed To Tell God

Yesterday I did not know
What I was supposed to tell God.
Today also I do not know
What I am supposed to tell God.
Tomorrow I sincerely hope
That God will tell me
What I am supposed to tell Him.

9311. Greatness And Glory

Greatness and glory
Live together.
Goodness and satisfaction
Live together.

9312. What You Are Doing Right Now

My Lord,
Since I am not always conscious
Of what I do,
Right now I may not know
What I am doing.
But I do know
What You are doing right now.
You are thinking of me
And forgiving me.

9313. When I Entered The Spiritual Life

My sweet Lord,
When I entered the spiritual life,
I thought I would realise You
Sooner than at once.
I have been praying
And meditating for years.
How is it that the Goal
Still remains a far cry?

9314. God Can Give You His Consolation

God can give you His Consolation,
But consolation cannot give you illumination.
If you do not get illumination,
Then you will not get realisation-satisfaction.