March 1st

My Lord's Nectar-Delight is not far away,
If I eat not mind-mud and vital-clay.

March 2nd

In secrecy supreme my Lord I worship;
I pride myself only on His Leadership.

March 3rd

All-where the pride monarch-titans mushroom.
Behold, their fleeting bloom and sinking doom!

March 4th

Oh, leave no door open for doubt, I say,
With God's Heart-Joy-Smiles if you long to play.

March 5th

Oh, never trust your mind's desire-train!
No goal it has-just bondage-chain.

March 6th

Ecstasy's flood will soon arrive.
You keep your inner flames alive.

March 7th

When I invoke my Lord's Compassion-Face,
His Heart forgives my disobedience-case.

March 8th

World-withdrawal is no solution.
It thickens the jungle-mind-confusion.

March 9th

Breathe the fragrance of your heart-tears.
Yours will be Gods Summit-Pride-Cheers.

March 10th

O my clever, trust-fractured mind,
You have made me totally blind.

March 11th

Do You love me, my Lord? If so, give me
Your Thunder-Feet,
The only way to keep my vital and mind
All clean and neat.

March 12th

God never wants you
To be the loser.
He always wants you
To be His Smile-chooser.

March 13th

A self-giving joy when I earn,
Every heart-message-light I learn.

March 14th

In each there is a little of all;
The same God-Heart-beats-big or small.