Surrender and surrender
All you have and all you are.
You are bound to step onto
The sunlit path
And reach Infinity’s Goal.


What your soul wants from you
Is something very simple.
It wants you to see always
The way ahead,
Never the way behind.


How can you reach the land of peace
When you cling to your old
And do not even want
To stand up and move?


If you are tired of waiting,
How can the world of the unknown
Ever hire you
To do something momentous for God
On earth?


You are using the wrong key:
Your mind-key.
Naturally it will not open
Your soul’s illumination-door.


Walk along the road
Of surrender-light
From this very moment.
You will be able to play the music
Of Eternity’s infinite Freedom-Delight.


Always maintain your closest connection
With your aspiration-heart.
You will be able to learn
The great secret of your soul,
The perfect representative
Of your Lord Supreme
On earth.


Have more faith
In God’s omnipotent Compassion.
You will feel the fruitful touch
Of Immortality’s Silence Supreme.


Now that you are no longer shaken
By emotional earthquakes,
Infinity’s Delight is fast approaching you.


Doubt wanted to hire your mind
To be its partner
In its daily dance.
Alas, your mind accepted the offer.


Because you have kept your distance
From disobedience,
God has removed from your mind
Once and for all
The volcano of confusion.


If you do not remember
To feed your heart’s aspiration-flames,
You are bound to fall down
The God-oneness-staircase.


He is a great truth-seeker
And a good God-lover
Who enjoys his morning heart-hunger
And his evening life-thirst.


If your heart has the courage
To go one more step,
Then you will hear thunderous applause
From your Beloved Supreme.