O God-lover,
Every day you must enter
Into your heart-garden
To sow purity-seeds
And grow divinity-plants.


At the end of his life’s journey
Each human being sees
That his life remains
An unfinished battle.


A life of happiness
Does not cost anything.
Just give and give
And do not expect.
Lo, the universal happiness
Is all yours.


I never think that a life of hope
Is an easy task.
To me, a hope-life
Is an arduous task.


I am not asking you
To underestimate your mind’s capacities.
I am asking you
To take your mind into your heart
So that your mind can be flooded
With unlimited capacities.


Each darkness-thought in your mind
Is either
A conscious or an unconscious disrespect
To God’s Compassion-Eye
And Forgiveness-Heart.


Multiply daily
Your heart’s perfection-deeds
And never copy, even by mistake,
Your foolish mind-mistakes.


If you think that God
Gets angry with you
When you do not listen to Him,
Then why do you make the same mistake
Again and again
By disobeying God?


God will prove your importance
To the world
The day you can sincerely feel
That you are not indispensable
Either in this world or in any world.


My mind calls him humanly brave,
But my Beloved Supreme tells me
To call him divinely beautiful.


My success-life has taught me
How to remain brave.
My progress-life will teach me
How to become pure.


What is great for you
May not be great for God,
But what is good for you
Is definitely good for God as well.


You think that you know
All the answers.
Then tell me,
How can I become another God
Like you?


God does not expect
My immediate perfection,
But He does expect
My heart’s immediate, plus lasting,