Twenty-seven thousand
Indeed, the distance is too long.
But my Beloved Lord Supreme
Says to me,
“My child, the distance is too short.
In top secrecy I am telling you:
I shall walk with you
All the way.”


Every day my entire being
Receives a blessingful boon
From my Lord Supreme,
And that boon is
A beauty-flooded dawn of joy.


Choice is my unnecessary imperfection
In my desire-life.
Choice is my indispensable perfection
In my aspiration-life.


I am a chosen instrument
Of my Lord Supreme
Not because I have done
Something great for Him,
Not because I shall do
Something good for Him,
But because He wants to do
Something divinely great
And supremely good
In and through me.


I shall become a purity-prayer
So that my heart
Can safely climb up to God.

I shall become a luminosity-meditation
So that God’s Delight
Can easily enter into me.


Since God has not given up
His Vision-Transcendence-Dance,
How can you give up
Your God-manifestation-song?


You are useless!
Therefore you do not fight
Against ignorance the intruder.

You are stupid!
Therefore you do not want
God the Lover to fight for you.


A soulful cry, where is it?
Inside my heart.
A powerful smile, where is it?
Inside my soul.
A bountiful blessing, where is it?
Inside my life.
And where am I, myself?
Inside God’s unknowable Vision-Eye.


If you and your mind are afraid
Of a silence-life,
That means you are nowhere near
God’s Transcendental Throne.


My mind was fond of
God’s Greatness.

My heart is fond of
God’s Goodness.

My life shall be fond of
God’s Oneness.


My Lord, how can I be pleased with You
When You do not give me
What I want?
“My child, I cannot be cruel to you.
You want from Me
The bondage of the finite.
I want to give you and I shall give you
Only the freedom of the Infinite.”


O Inspiration-Runner,
I love your running.
It is so beautiful.

O Aspiration-Climber,
I love your climbing.
It is so soulful.

O Realisation-Diver,
I love your diving.
It is so powerful.


In the morning
My Lord gives me
A powerful concentration-arrow.

In the evening
My Lord gives me
A beautiful meditation-bow.

At night
My Lord asks me to kill
My ferocious ignorance-tiger.


My mind’s brooding doubt-sea
My Lord’s ever-illumining Patience-Sun:
Who can unmistakably
Predict the result?