My Supreme Lord,
To spread Your Message-Light
All around the globe,
I shall make my heart pure.


Silence I desire
In my vital and in my mind.
Without silence,
I am bound to be
A hopeless failure.


O Beauty infinite,
O Love infinite,
Do come down, come down,
To transform my mind of clay.


I long to fly
Like the birds in the freedom-sky.
No more do I want to remain below
In the attachment-world
In utter helplessness-sighs.


My stupid mind loves
The desire-prison.
Therefore darkness, only darkness,
Within, without, I see.


When I try to satisfy
Everybody’s heart,
My soul-bird dances
Ecstasy’s dance.


Awake, awake, My Lord, awake!
Awake, awake today.
You I shall worship
With my devotion-heart.
You I shall give
My flower-casket.


Into the world I came,
Myself to offer day and night.
This sweetness-message
I shall proclaim
With infinite delight.


For peace I shall cry,
For peace I shall cry.
Cheerfully I shall bind
My little “I”
At Your Feet divine.


O newness in Heaven,
O newness on earth,
Newness within, newness without,
Come, come, in silence come.
To my Lord Supreme
I desire to offer
My success-victory-light.


In the world of the unknown I roam
In search of the God unknown.
One day I shall see
My Beloved Lord Supreme
In my meditation’s deepest depth.


I know, I know,
Ignorance does not want
To leave me.
To cast my ignorance aside,
I cry for the Compassion-Light
Of my Lord Supreme.


Knowing perfectly well
The consequences,
In utter pleasure-life
Teeming mistakes I have made.
Therefore, my Lord,
The Golden Shore
Nowhere I see.


Today I shall place my old life
Inside a cave completely sealed.
Fully blossomed I shall become,
And myself I shall raise
To the highest summits
Inside the dream of the ever-new.