A oneness-heart-runner
Is never afraid of any distance,
For it is always ready
To run along Eternity’s Road
To realise, reveal
And manifest God.


When I do not see God’s Compassion-Eye
Looking at me,
I become as powerless and worthless
As a straw in the howling wind.


Before it is too late,
The soul compels us
To please our Lord Beloved Supreme
In His own Way.


The tearful eyes
Of a God-lover
Satisfy God
In a unique way.


If you are afraid
Of a life of self-discipline,
Then you will never be able to befriend
The satisfaction-smile of your inner Sun.


God is constantly informed
By your own soul
All about your activities,
Divine and undivine.


No matter how reluctant and stubborn
The human mind is,
The aspiration-heart can disable the mind
When the Hour of God strikes.


A heart of devotion always knows
That obedience
Has its exceptional privileges.


My heart of aspiration
Constantly teaches me
How to climb high, higher, highest
Even when my mind begs me
Either to sleep or to resist.


If you have no aspiration,
Then you have nothing to lose
In the inner world.
But if you have aspiration
And do not aspire,
Then you are bound to lose
Far beyond your imagination.


O God-lover,
Be not a fool,
Act not a fool!
Do not wait until tomorrow
With your God-manifestation-opportunity.


You ask me
Why ignorance follows you.
Just ask yourself
Why you enjoy marching backward.


If you are a genuine seeker
And do not pray and meditate regularly,
Then sadness is bound to steal
The beauty and fragrance of your heart.


If you sing the song of self-offering,
Nothing will be able to eclipse
The brightness and fulness
Of your inner sun.