In my life of surrender,
Each step of my inner running
And each step of my outer running
I am offering, offering, offering
To my Lord Supreme.


When the physical consciousness
Is radiating the soul’s light,
The vital and mind may become jealous.
But ultimately they will surrender,
And also turn to the soul.


Seeing the heart
Flooded with the soul’s light,
The mind cursed itself:
“Oh, why am I so stupid!
Why do I not visit my soul
Every day?”


In this world we kill ourselves
All for outer success.
But there is another world
Where our happiness
Does not depend on outer results.


Impossibility is a mere word.
Such being the case,
Impossibility must surrender,
And it does surrender,
To the seeker’s completely devoted oneness
With the Will of his Beloved Supreme.


Is your heart crying
To inspire others?
Then immediately start
Making tremendous progress
And creating stupendous improvement
In your own life.
Others are bound to see
A new radiance on your face
And obey you unconditionally.


The heart’s intensity
Immediately becomes one
With God’s Music.
But the dictator-mind
Wants to show off and prove
That it can have the same intensity
In a negative way
By destroying the heart’s
Inner peace and delight.


O seeker,
How can you even think of leaving
The Supreme’s Golden Boat
After staying so long
In your heart’s only home?


To be a God-dreamer
What you need
Is a God-lover’s heart
And a man-server’s life.


Take a close look at yourself.
Your heart has travelled
Miles and miles
For a blessingful Smile from God.


Before God grants you
Your liberation,
You will have to pass
His purity-inspection.


God does not care for
Your millions of thoughts
And your millionaire-mind.
He cares only for
Your beauty’s life
And your purity-heart.


Where are the world’s peace-leaders?
They are all inside your hearts.
They are begging your minds
To open their doors
And keep them wide open
For God the man and man the God
To sport together.


What can God’s Compassion do?
It can easily end
Your doubt-decade
And help you begin
Your aspiration-era.