If you are more than willing
To jump with God,
To run with God,
To fly with God,
You may not succeed outwardly,
But you have already succeeded inwardly
Beyond your imagination.


A spiritual Master can show you
Our common Father,
The Lord Supreme.
But it is up to you
To keep a direct connection
With the Supreme.


True, you are suffering
From ignorance-disease.
But be joyful that you are at least able
To pray to God
To cure your ignorance-disease.


Every day God tries
To make the seeker see and feel
Exactly where he stands,
So that he will wake up
And climb up the inner ladder.


Be more spiritual!
You will see that your fellow seekers
Will be easily and effectively inspired
By your very presence.


You have done God a big favour
By entering into His Progress-Boat.
Can you not do Him a bigger favour
By being an extraordinary seeker?


Your spirituality is something
That the Beloved Supreme cherishes
And is more than eager to broadcast
At every moment.


O insecurity,
How I wish that
The more you tried to prevent the seeker
From running the fastest,
The sooner his indomitable spirit
Would push you aside.


Perhaps you cannot manifest God’s Light
At this moment,
But be happy that you have
The eagerness to do it.
Your eagerness itself
Will give you inner speed.


Make commitments —
At least, outer commitments.
The seekers who make
No outer commitment,
Who do no selfless service,
Are worse than useless.


My Lord,
You are so kind to me!
Just because I am devotedly accepting
An iota of Your Peace,
You are making me
Your chosen child.


When he did not maintain
His inner speed,
Others surpassed him,
And he and his stupidity
Were left alone.


When the race is over
We realise that
We received the utmost joy
And achieved the greatest progress
Because of our practice and dedication.


Study in the outer school
Soulfully, devotedly and wholeheartedly
If necessity demands.
But if the outer school
Takes you away from the inner school,
It will be a sad failure,
An irreparable loss to your soul.