A constant gratitude-heart
Is a way of loving God
In God’s own Way.


God visits me twice
Every day.
He visits my mind-room
Only to say how unsatisfied
And dissatisfied He is.
When God visits my heart-room,
He tells me
My heart’s perfection
And His Life’s Satisfaction
Will play their oneness-game
For all Eternity.


In the morning
God gave me
A lesson in His Beauty.

In the evening
God gave me
A lesson in His Silence.


The heart that sleeplessly cries
For God’s Compassion-Light
Is made of God’s special


The supreme Height of God’s Compassion
Can forgive humanity
But will never illumine humanity.
For the illumination of humanity,
The Supreme needs
Humanity’s conscious willingness.


No matter how sublime my life is,
I will not be able to transform
Humanity’s confusion-clime.
But I will maintain my hope
That someday, somehow
My Lord Supreme will transform
Humanity’s mind-confusion-clime
Into Divinity’s Illumination-Kingdom.


Two masters live in the same house:
The ignorance-prince
With his master, doubt,
And the wisdom-emperor
With his master, faith.


There are two
Heart-illumining songs:
My purity’s obedience-heart,
My humility’s satisfaction-life.


You want God to see you
Only through your heart-door,
But God wants to look at you
Through your narrow mind-door as well.


His aspiration-campaign ended
In total failure
Because the members
Of his outer family
Did not support him at all.


On the strength of his devotion,
His folded hands
Not only decreased
The animal strength in him
But also increased
The divine power in him.


This life has only one project,
And that is
To inspire the outer world
And aspire for the inner world.


Do not drag
Your despair-heart
And your doubt-mind!
Let them fall easily
Into the chasm of oblivion.


If you believe
In the higher worlds
And do not help this world,
Then your confidence-life
Is nothing short of
A stupidity-mind.