It is not enough to know
That God is very powerful.
You also have to feel
That He really loves you.


You decide:
You can go far away from God,
Or you can take every opportunity
To be absolutely dearest and closest
To God’s Heart, to God’s Soul,
To God’s Life, to God’s Vision
And to God’s Mission.


You may think
You are sincerely doing your best
To expand your heart,
But you can do even more:
You can make room for others
Inside your oneness-heart.


If it is difficult for us to identify
With the good qualities of others,
It will be difficult for us to value
Those same good qualities
In ourselves.


If you feel you are quite perfect,
Then become more perfect
By forgiving others
Instead of speaking ill of them.


If you think you are a better person
Than somebody else,
Then become infinitely better
By proving that you can establish
Divine harmony with everyone.


Jealousy is not going to leave your life
Unless and until you have established
Your real, permanent oneness
With God the creation.


If you listen to your Lord Supreme
Cheerfully at every second,
You can have no inner fear,
Doubt or jealousy.


When His children
Are praying and meditating
And singing His Adoration-Songs,
God the Father gets boundless Joy
And boundless Satisfaction.


If you have
Sleeplessly mounting aspiration,
You will not and cannot do anything
To displease your Beloved Supreme.


The supreme Dream
That God is cherishing
Inside each of us
Must be transformed
Into a living reality.


For your nature’s transformation
Only one thing is needed:
Your cheerful, prayerful, soulful,
Ready, anxious and eager obedience
To the Will of the Supreme.


God wants you to be loyal to Him
To the end, very end,
In your life of aspiration
And your life of dedication.


Is what you want from God.
Is what God wants from you.
This happiness depends
On your constant oneness
With the Will of the Supreme.