I do not know
Where I lived before,
But I do know
Where I am living now:
I am living
In God’s Compassion-Power-Nest.


I question and doubt
Whether any human being on earth
Is not curious
To know and grow into
The Unknown.


You have all along been a student
Of the brain.
But I am begging you to study
Something new —
I mean the heart —
And become a professor
Of the heart.


Although we live in time
And are captured by death,
God the Compassion
Can liberate us easily
If our longing is fire-pure.


First walk along the road
Of progress,
And then you may study the map
Of the invisible worlds.


The fathomless sorrows
Of the world
Quite often come from
The ruthless torture
Of uncomely thoughts.


Fear not the assault of hell!
You can invoke
God the Lover
And rest in the Arms
Of His Protection-Certainty.


You have come down
To the suffering, tearful earth.
Do you know why?
Just for a lasting experience
From the Light of the Beyond.


If you lose enthusiasm,
If you lose determination,
You are bound to suffer
From the sore feet
Of hurtful failure.


Every day he increases
His wonder-producing faith.
Therefore he saves his life
From doubt’s destruction-doom.


Where is your free will
If you live inside
Your binding mind?

Where is your bondage
If you live inside
Your all-encompassing heart?


If you see that Heaven
Is frowning at you,
Then love earth more
And care more
For its soul-stirring smile.


Why does doubt-courier carry
Many undivine things every day?
Because it enjoys carrying
The bundle of curiosity.


Now that you have learnt the art
Of conquering your despair-life,
Try to develop more purity-joy
Inside your mind.