Author's introduction

Sometimes our childish qualities may be destructive, but here in this book there is no destruction. You can call it childish amusement or fun, or childish recreation. A spiritual Master is always a child. One moment he can be childlike and the next moment he can be childish. This is how the Supreme has been manifesting in me, and this is how He will always manifest in me. I have reached the Highest to bring down the fruit of the Highest for you. Again, I enjoy on earth a child's height. A child is all innocence. Mother Earth has millions, billions and trillions of Children; I perfectly join them with my Reality's realisation-height, and I become one with them.

Question: What did God do before everything?

Sri Chinmoy: Before everything, God did quite a few things. He used to go and take rest.

Question: What does God learn from us?

Sri Chinmoy: Who is not a student? Even God is a student. We are teaching Him every day. He is learning our ignorance. We are learning His Wisdom and He is learning our ignorance every day.

Question: Will you have a celebration when we realise God?

Sri Chinmoy: I will celebrate when you realise God. I will celebrate it eternally. I am telling you a top secret. When one of you realises God, then my celebration of your God-realisation will be eternal. I sincerely mean it. The day I get one God-realised soul, then my celebration of that achievement of my spiritual daughter or son will be eternal.

Question: What did you give God after He gave you realisation?

Sri Chinmoy: One friend saw me and said, "God gave him realisation and then he had to give something to God. So he gave his hair to God."

Then my friend said, "I too can give God something, but I am not prepared to give Him my hair. However, if God wants my glasses, He can have them."

Question: What does God do for entertainment?

Sri Chinmoy: For entertainment, God remains challenging, illumining and fulfilling.

Question: Where does humour come from?

Sri Chinmoy: Humour comes directly from God. Why? He needs humour. It is the salt of life. Fortunately or unfortunately, consciously or unconsciously, God has done something. He has created this world and every second He is getting a headache, a stomach-ache and a heart attack. Now, He feels that there should be some way to get rid of His fever and pain. When we suffer from anything we need medicine. In God's case there is only one medicine and that is humour. It cures the disease that He takes from the world.

Question: What does God think of our humour?

Sri Chinmoy: If you don't have humour, you can't exist on earth. God enjoys our humour.

Question: What is the funniest joke that God ever told?

Sri Chinmoy: God's funniest joke is His expectation from His creation of something more than what He has given to His creation.

Question: What really makes God laugh?

Sri Chinmoy: What really makes God laugh is man's conscious declaration that his status is inferior to God's status. That is to say, when someone thinks that he is totally separate from God and infinitely inferior to God, at that time God laughs and laughs at that person's unfortunate, deplorable stupidity.

Question: What is the funniest joke God ever told?

Sri Chinmoy: The funniest joke that God ever told was that He was not satisfied with His creation.

Question: What is the longest time that God ever went without a smile?

Sri Chinmoy: God always smiles, both in His Silence-life and in His Sound-life. When He smiles in His Silence-life, it is not easy for the human beings to observe it. But when He smiles in the Sound-life, it is quite easy for the human beings to observe it. Since there is no distance to cover between His Silence-life and His Sound-life, we must feel that God is always smiling

Question: Why did God give us mouths?

Sri Chinmoy: The day He gave me a mouth, He made a Himalayan blunder. Here is the proof that God also makes mistakes. God asked me to come into the world and I said, "God, You wanted me come into the world. This is the favour You want from my soul. But I have another favour to ask. That is to talk and talk and talk and turn my dear ones everywhere deaf." As long as God had His desire fulfilled that I take human incarnation, then He does not mind if I have my own desire.

Question: Does God need to lose some weight?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, God needs to lose some weight when He sees that He is disproportionately heavy. God tells us that He does not want to act like a camel carrying a heavy load through the deserts of life. He wants everything that He has and everything that He is to be proportionate and normal.