551. Absence

In man’s absence
My fondness-tree proudly grows.

In God’s absence
My life-tree helplessly dies.

O man and God,
I tell you
My supreme secret:
Ignorance misses my absence,
Earth cherishes my absence,
Heaven terminates my absence.

552. What is it?

Abstinence, what is it?
The best medicine.

Persistence, what is it?
The surest crown.

Surrender, what is it?
The highest goal.

553. With much sweat

Without sweat
I acquired teeming doubts.
Without regret
I threw them away.

Without sweat
I grabbed ignorance-night.
Without regret
I killed its life.

With much sweat
I have acquired an iota of faith.
If I ever lose it
My life-boat shall sink.

With much sweat
I have discovered an iota of Light.
If I ever lose it,
I shall become a soulless creature.

554. Difficulties

A woman
Finds it difficult
To admit her insecurity.

A man
Finds it difficult
To admit his impurity.

Poor earth
Finds it difficult
To brave its sufferings.

Rich Heaven
Finds it difficult
To hide its Treasures.

The Supreme
Finds it impossible
To overrule His Compassion.

555. The undivine and the divine

The undivine flourish,
The divine die young:
This is what we hear,
This is what we think,
This is what we know.

My soul wants to add
Something to this lofty theory:
The undivine flourish
In the closed coffin of Death.
The divine die young
In the Lap of Immortality.

556. His books and his looks

His books lead me
To the sage inside him.

His looks draw me
To the animal inside him.

His books deserve immediate recognition.
His looks need gradual transformation.

557. Nothing more, nothing less

To keep the doctor away
I need sound health.

To keep sound health
I need nature’s blessing.

To have nature’s blessing
I need God’s Grace.

To have God’s Grace
I need the strength of surrender.

To have the strength of surrender
I need just one thing:
Faith, only faith.
Nothing more,
Nothing less!

558. I associate

I associate with God
To enjoy my natural realisation.

I associate with Man
To enjoy my regular aspiration.

I associate with Earth
To enjoy the universal Emptiness.

I associate with Heaven
To enjoy the absolute Infinitude.

559. Boys and girls

Boys will be boys;
Girls will be girls.
Boys will reach their Goal
Singing and running.
Girls will reach their Goal
Dancing and diving.

Boys will be boys;
Girls will be girls.
Boys will realise God,
The Highest Realisation.
Girls will manifest God,
The Absolute Perfection.

560. Before

Duty before pleasure,
Compassion before justice,
Offering before receiving,
Heart before mind,
Faith-flame before doubt-net,
God-realisation before world-perfection.

561. Come and go, come and stay

Fear, the timid guest,
Comes and goes.

Doubt, the bold guest,
Comes and goes.

Jealousy, the clever guest,
Comes and goes.

Compassion, the kind guest,
Comes and stays.

Light, the beautiful guest,
Comes and stays.

Bliss, the sweet guest,
Comes and stays.

God, the silent Guest,
Comes, stays and never goes.

562. Feast and fast

A desiring vital
Feasts today,
Fasts tomorrow.

An aspiring heart
Fasts today,
Feasts tomorrow.

What does a desiring vital eat?
It eats fear and doubt,
It eats hope and despair,
It eats impurity and futility.

What does an aspiring heart eat?
It eats Compassion and Concern,
It eats Peace and Bliss,
It eats Salvation and Illumination.

563. A will and a way

There is a will,
And that will is in the soul.

There is a way,
And that way is in the heart.

There is a will,
And that will is of God.

There is a way,
And that way is for God.

There is a will,
And that will is leading me to the Supreme.

There is a way,
And that way has made me love the Supreme.

564. God feels sad

The doctor fails;
And God feels sad.
He feels sad
That He did not give the doctor
The life-saving medicine.

The patient dies;
And God feels sad.
He feels sad
That He did not give the patient
The message of immortal life.

The relatives weep;
And God feels sad.
He feels sad
That He did not tell them
That Heaven is the second floor
And earth is the first floor
Of the same building.
God feels sad
That He forgot to tell them
Even the name of the building.
Love is its name.