451. He and his

He and his ego worship each other,
He and his doubt love each other,
He and his fear torture each other,
He and his failure hate each other,
He and his perfection reject each other,
He and his death live in each other.

452. Your ingratitude is an exception

Your pride confuses my mind.
Your pride amuses my heart.
Your life receives nothing but
A ceaseless tribute from the foolish world.
I know not how
Your swollen head
Your sunken mind
Live together.
You know not how to implore,
You know not how to explore,
You know only how to explode.
Here on earth,
There in Heaven
Nothing grows without nourishment.
Your ingratitude is an exception,
Indeed, an unbelievable exception.

453. God in him is still alive

In the morning
He shakes hands with I-dolatry.
In the evening
He embraces his self-infatuation.
At night
He suffers from I-strain.
His is not a hopeless case;
God in him is still alive,
Vividly alive.

454. The same palace

Truth and dignity
Share the same palace.
Love and joy
Share the same palace.
Father and son
Share the same palace.
Faith and doubt
Share not the same palace.
Fear and courage
Share not the same palace.
Alas, ingratitude has no palace, none at all.

455. His absence

His physical absence
Diminishes my little hopes
And increases my great hopes.

His spiritual absence destroys
All my hopes, little and great.

In his physical absence
I see my Goal,
Although quite far.
In his spiritual absence
I see only a goalless shore.

456. In the Goal of the soul

Pleasure is the absence
Of temporary physical pain.

Joy is the presence
Of eternal gain
In the heart of life.

Doubt is the absence
Of temporary mental relief.

Faith is the presence
Of eternal release
In the Goal of the soul.

457. Acceptance

Acceptance human
Is the acknowledgement
Of painful obligation.

Acceptance divine
Is the acknowledgement
Of soulful perfection.

God accepted man
To make him happy.
Man accepted God
To make himself great.

458. Occurrence and experience

The body thinks
Accident is an inevitable occurrence.
The mind discovers
Accident is an undeniable occurrence.
The heart feels
Accident is an avoidable occurrence.
The soul knows
Accident leads
To profitable experience.

459. Strive

Strive blindly,
And achieve nothing.

Strive carefully,
And achieve something.

Strive soulfully,
And achieve everything.

Strive unconditionally,
And, lo, you have won
Including God.

460. Death

Death, how often do you speak to God?
“I speak to God constantly.”

Can you tell me
What both of you talk about?

“We talk about our achievements
Our disappointments.
I tell Him about my achievements
On earth
And my disappointments in Heaven.
God tells me about His achievements
In Heaven
And His disappointments on earth.”

I see.
Thank you, Death.

461. His kingdoms

His desire-kingdom
Is bounded on the north by fear,
On the south by doubt,
On the west by jealousy,
On the east by insecurity.

His aspiration-kingdom
Is bounded on the east by faith,
On the west by love,
On the north by devotion,
On the south by surrender.

His realisation-kingdom
Is bounded on the east by God’s Compassion,
On the west by God’s Illumination,
On the north by God’s Realisation,
On the south by God’s Perfection.

462. A zero and a hero

I am a zero.
I pray to God.

I am a hero.
I take care of man.

When I am in the body,
I represent the nothingness
Of a zero.

When I am in the soul,
I represent the Treasure
Of Eternity.

463. When

When he concentrates,
Everything matters.

When he meditates,
Nothing matters.

When he contemplates,
Only God matters.

464. They rise

When the vital retires,
The mind rises.

When the mind retires,
The heart rises.

When the heart aspires,
The soul rises.

When the body aspires,
God rises.