51. I am learning

I am learning the art of listening.
I wish to be an eternal student.

I am learning the art of believing.
I wish to be an eternal believer.

I am learning the art of serving.
I wish to be an eternal servant.

I am learning the art of becoming.
I wish to be
The father of my silver dreams.
I wish to be
The son of my golden realities.

52. What it has

His concentration has given him
What it has: Power.
With Power he has changed
The lives of multitudes.

His meditation has given him
What it has: Love.
With Love he has changed
The face of humanity.

His contemplation has given him
What it has: Oneness.
With his Oneness he becomes man
the lover divine;
With his Oneness he becomes God
the Beloved Supreme.

53. My mind

No more Eternity’s madness
Can hound my mind.
My heart has discovered the Key
For its junior partner.
My heart has unlocked the Door
For its junior partner.

From now on
My mind never shall sleep.
It will watch my inner Treasures:
The sun of Light, the sea of Peace
And the sky of Love.

54. Real hopes

The Heaven of real hopes
Arches over me.
Surrender, the master in me,
Knowledge, the servant in me,
Are together playing.
The Heaven of real realities
Starts my unfailing engine: Truth.
The Heaven of real realities
Generates my illumining electricity: Love.
My sure will moves the world within;
My pure thought moves the world without.

55. Three immortal presents

I have received three immortal presents
On life’s Christmas tree:

With the bud I shall begin
My self-enquiry.
With the flower I shall achieve
My self-discovery.
With the fruit I shall enjoy
My self-mastery.

56. I challenged the invisible

I drove the chariot of the sun
Athwart the arch of blue-gold Heaven,
Dissolving the negative intruders,
Fear and doubt,
Embracing the positive prompters,
Faith and Love.
Thousands of years ago
I challenged the invisible.
At long last, today
My challenge has been accepted.
Enlightenment fondly braves
The untiring searcher.

57. In quest of the satisfaction-queen

His life was an infinitude of quest.
Satisfaction denied him her presence.
Helpless he was.
Miserable he became.
At last a blue bird
From deep within lovingly announced:
“Argue not with your brooding self.
Satisfaction-queen will be yours.
Your meditation shall shake hands
with God-manifestation.
God-manifestation shall shake hands
with your perfection.”

58. His Face and Feet

O unbridled demands and commands
Of doubt, jealousy and insecurity,
Stop! Stop your lurid game.
Thrust not upon me
All man-made discoveries.
I need only my God-made achievements:
My God’s smiling Face,
My God’s dancing Feet.

59. Whisperings

The whisper of temptation
Took him to hell.
There he saw his animal face.

The whisper of aspiration
Took him to Heaven.
There he saw his God-Face.

The whisper of realisation
Took him to the World of Silence.
There he became the Endless Race.

60. He found, he finds

At the rim of sorrow
He found his heartless mind.
On the brink of despair
He found his soulless heart.

In the sea of destruction
He found his goalless soul.
Centuries dropped dead.

On the shore of Time
He finds his searching mind
He finds his crying heart
He finds his illumining soul.

61. The gospel of faith

O magnificent aspiration,
You have shown me the life of reality.
O magnificent realisation,
You have given me the soul of acceptance.
O magnificent God,
You have given me the gospel of faith:
My faith in Your descending Smiles
Your faith in my ascending cries.

62. A yawning gulf

A yawning gulf between
My vision-tree and my reality-plant.
A yawning gulf between
The place I love to live and the place I live.
I love to live under the vault of Heaven.
Alas, my existence lives
In the valley of the shadow of death.
Peace has escaped my remembrance;
Delight, too.
But I know a swing of the pendulum
Will change my face and fate.
My surrender supreme
Shall marry my dream-boat
With my reality-shore.

63. The weaver

The world weaves
A garland of curses
For me
When I forget to admire her beauty.

The world weaves
A garland of curses
For me
When I underestimate the value of her gifts.

The world weaves
A garland of curses
For me
When I adore the Light and Delight of Heaven.

The world weaves
A garland of curses
For me
When I love the Silence-King inside my heart.

64. A sin, a crime

A sin against man
I commit
When I love myself alone.

A crime against God
I commit
When I love only mankind.

A sin and a crime
Against myself I commit
I forget what I was, Truth,
And what I am, Love.