Editor's note

Sri Chinmoy offered the following prayers during his visit to Christchurch, New Zealand and Cairns, Australia in December 2002 and January 2003.

27 DECEMBER 2002


1 No Limit ...

No limit
To what my love, devotion
And surrender can do,
Not only for me,
But also for the entire world.

2 Keep Singing, Keep Singing! ...

Keep singing, keep singing!
God will soon be arriving.

3 If I Continue Calling ...

If I continue calling,
My life will blossom
And my Lord Supreme
Will smile, sing and dance.

4 The Exquisite Bliss ...

The exquisite bliss
Of my God-surrender-life
Nobody on earth
Can hamper.

5 My Master’s Tears And Smiles ...

My Master’s tears and smiles
Are the only members
Of my heart-family.

6 The Desiring Mind ...

The desiring mind
Is apt to brood.
The aspiring heart
Is apt to bleed.

7 God’s Compassion-Eye Intervenes ...

God’s Compassion-Eye intervenes
Man’s Himalayan blunders
And his well-deserved punishment.

8 God’s Compassion-Confidence In Me ...

God’s Compassion-Confidence in me
Is my only

9 My Lord ...

My Lord,
Your ceaseless Tears I see
Not only in my heart,
But also in every heart.
My Lord,
Your Nectar-Smiles I see
Nowhere, nowhere, nowhere.

28 DECEMBER 2002 ...

28 DECEMBER 2002


10 I Give My Lord Supreme ...

I give my Lord Supreme
Unimaginable joy and pride
When I am able
To steal His Compassion-Eye
And His Forgiveness-Heart.

11 To Protect Me...

To protect me
From the undivine forces,
My Beloved Supreme
Has kept His Eye and His Heart
As my sentinels at my heart-gate.

12 Every Moment Is A Golden Opportunity ...

Every moment is a golden opportunity
For me to love and serve
The tears and the smiles of the world.