Editor's note

Sri Chinmoy offered the following prayers during his visit to New Zealand in December 2002.

7 December 2002 ...

7 December 2002

Taupo, New Zealand

1 A Heart-Ride-Elevator Is Needed ...

A heart-ride-elevator is needed
To meet with our Beloved Supreme
At the topmost floor.

2 Every Morning Without Fail ...

Every morning without fail
I must sing
A God-satisfaction-song.

3 My Prayer-Connection ...

My prayer-connection
With my Lord Supreme
Is extremely sweet.

4 My Meditation-Oneness ...

My meditation-oneness
With my Lord Supreme
Is permanently delightful.

5 A Sublime Meditation ...

A sublime meditation
Means an exploration
Of the heart-depth.

6 If God Asks Me Twice ...

If God asks me twice
To do something,
Then I am not
A true God-lover.

7 Our Mind Is Apt To Replay ...

Our mind is apt to replay
All our Himalayan blunders.

8 Our Heart Is Apt To Keep ...

Our heart is apt to keep
In secrecy supreme
All our God-pleasing deeds.

8 December 2002 ...

8 December 2002

Taupo, New Zealand

9 God Is God’s Highest Hope ...

God is God’s highest Hope
For every sincere seeker.

10 God’s Loftiest Pride I Become ...

God’s loftiest Pride I become
Only when I am in love
With everything about God.

11 My Heart-Tears ...

My heart-tears
Embody my soul’s