Editor's note

Sri Chinmoy offered the following prayers during his visit to Australia in January 2003.

7 JANUARY 2003


1 The Only Way To Free Oneself ...

The only way to free oneself
From the mind’s prison
Is to forgive others.

2 Hesitation, Doubt And Fear ...

Hesitation, doubt and fear
Leave me
Only when I stay
On the God-navigated course.

3 Like My Lord Beloved Supreme ...

Like my Lord Beloved Supreme,
I also must take
A full-time service:
Loving unreservedly
And unconditionally
Each and every human being.

4 My Meditation-Depth ...

My meditation-depth
Is my Lord’s

5 My Lord’s ...

My Lord’s
Never has any lock.

6 Our Mind-Maladies ...

Our mind-maladies
Can be cured
Only by repeating constantly
God’s sacred Name.

7 Morning Devotion-Singers ...

Morning devotion-singers
Give tremendous joy
To their Lord Supreme.

8 Music Of The Heart-Tears ...

Music of the heart-tears
And heart-smiles
Is bound to thrill
All sincere seekers of the world.

9 Every Morning ...

Every morning
I pray to my Lord Supreme
To bless me
With a rainbow-heart-beauty-smile.

10 Just Yesterday ...

Just yesterday
My Lord Beloved Supreme scolded me
Most powerfully.
He said, “My child,
You must take My express Permission
Before you do something
Or say something important.”

8 January 2003 ...

8 JANUARY 2003


11 When I Give God ...

When I give God
More than I promised,
He gives me
Seven transcendental Smiles.

12 Dreams Come True ...

Dreams come true
Only if we dearly love them
And proudly treasure them.