13 Humanity Is Not Interested ...

Humanity is not interested
In the light.
It is interested only
In the power-supremacy.

14 My Acceptance Of Spirituality ...

My acceptance of spirituality
Is neither my obligation
Nor my responsibility,
But a golden opportunity
To love God and be loved by God.

15 Life Has No Dead End ....

Life has no dead end.
Life carries the promise
Of endless progress-delight.

16 When My Mind Is Happy, ...

When my mind is happy,
Everything is pure.
When my heart is happy,
Everything is perfect
And everybody is perfect.
When I am happy,
My Lord Supreme
Immediately embraces me.

17 My Lord, May I Offer You ...

My Lord, may I offer You
A true story?
My Lord, may I offer You
A beautiful poem?
My Lord, may I offer You
A soulful song?
My Lord, may I offer You
My gratitude-heart-tears?
“Yes, yes, yes!
My child, start offering.”

9 January 2003 ...

9 JANUARY 2003


18 The Songs Of My Voice ...

The songs of my voice
Are pure and sweet.
The songs of my heart
Can touch God’s Feet.

19 The Self-Mastery-Education ...

The self-mastery-education
Nobody can ever complete.

20 To Pay Even The Slightest Attention ...

To pay even the slightest attention
To my insecurity-life
Is the height of my stupidity.

21 I Always Approach ...

I always approach
My Lord Beloved Supreme
On my bended knees
And not just with my folded hands.

22 Every Morning ...

Every morning
I place my sincerity-heart-tears
And my sincerity-heart-smiles
At the Feet of my Lord Supreme
Before I enter into my meditation.

23 My Lord Beloved Supreme Himself ...

My Lord Beloved Supreme Himself
My God-devotion-heart-magnet.

24 My Constant God-Dependence ...

My constant God-dependence
Is the safest and surest

25 My God-Aspiration-Questions ...

My God-aspiration-questions
And answers of the past
Are of no avail.
My God-aspiration-questions
And answers of the future
Are simply ridiculous.
My God-aspiration-questions
And answers of my present life
Are of supreme importance.

26 My Lord, ...

My Lord,
My only prayer to You
Is this:
Do continue to remain
Fully in charge of my life.