Editor's note

Sri Chinmoy offered the following prayers during his visit to Antalya, Turkey and Varna, Bulgaria in December 2006.

21 December 2006

Antalya, Turkey

1 My Lord Supreme ...

My Lord Supreme
Blessingfully and compassionately
Blesses each petal
Of my lotus-heart.

2 In The Small Hours ...

In the small hours
Of the morning
My life-tree
Exquisitely blossoms.

3 My Lord Appreciates ...

My Lord appreciates
And admires
Only my ceaselessly
Self-giving miracles.

4 Darkness Covers ...

Darkness covers.
Light uncovers
And illumines.

5 The Peace Of My Heart ...

The peace of my heart
And the silence of my mind
Have boundless affection
For each other.

6 God Corrects Me ...

God corrects me
With His Eye.

7 God Perfects Me ...

God perfects me
With His Heart.

8 Early In The Morning ...

Early in the morning
I harvest
My God-gratitude-heart-flowers.

22 December 2006 ...

22 December 2006

Antalya, Turkey

9 Not Just In Our Free Moments ...

Not just in our free moments,
But at every moment,
We must try to satisfy God
In His own Way.

10 Each Devotion-Breath ...

Each devotion-breath
Of my heart
Brings me closer and closer
To my Lord’s Heart.

11 My Earth-Detachment ...

My earth-detachment
My God-attachment.

12 We Do Not Get God-Rapture ...

We do not get God-rapture
From our self-torture —