11 December 1966

Arise, Awake, stop not
 until the Supreme
   is yours.

18 December 1966

My body is the Truth of the
My mind is the Peace of the
My heart is the Love of the
My soul is the Delight of the

25 December 1966

No right have I to undertake
 any other work before I
  work out my own spiritual

For did God not entrust me
 with this unique task
  at the time of
   my birth?

1 January 1967

 What have I?
Desires and death.
 What has God?
He has Liberation and
What are we here for?
 Just for an exchange.

8 January 1967

God's all-fulfilling Grace

Only when man's
  unconditional surrender

15 January 1967

Self-giving alone
  has free access
   to Joy everlasting.

22 January 1967

When we are in Ignorance,
  AUM feeds us.

When we are in Knowledge,
  AUM feeds us.

When we are beyond both
  Ignorance and Knowledge,
   AUM still feeds us,

For it is the Nectar which gives
  life to creation,
   born and unborn.

5 February 1967

  Is the mounting flame
   of our Divine Wish

To raise ourselves
  To the crest and crowning
   of Divine Perfection.

12 February 1967

True aspiration can and does
  make us feel
That if God is for us,
  who can eventually stand
   against us?

19 February 1967

Our tears to God are our
   greatest strength
To bring down His adamantine

26 February 1967

We turn to the Lord for Grace;
He waits for our soulful sincerity.

5 March 1967

Adversity leads us inward
  to correct and perfect
   our march of life.
Prosperity leads us outward
  to illuminate and immortalise
   our human birth.

21 March 1967

"No suffering, no salvation"
  so says the teacher, Adversity,
  to his student, man.

"No soul's delight, no salvation,"
  so says the teacher, Prosperity,
   to his student, man.

19 March 1967

Man's joy in forgiving is a joy
  worth having.
Man's joy in being forgiven
  is a joy worth
  aspiring for.