Vision-Reality his soul has.
Reality-Vision his heart is.

— photo by Peter Neumann

Food and God1

Food has God. God is food.

Food has life. God is life.

Food has reality. God is reality.

Food has sound-success. God is sound-success.

Food has silence-progress. God is silence-progress.

I eat. I eat to survive. From my very birth I have been seeking nourishment. Food saves my life from starvation. Food saves my life from extinction.

Mine is the hunger that does not permit me to think soulfully.

Mine is the hunger that does not permit me to act selflessly.

Mine is the hunger that does not permit me to pray to God constantly.

Mine is the hunger that does not permit me to meditate spontaneously.

Mine is the hunger that does not permit me to love God unconditionally.

I know my food-hunger is reasonable and inevitable. But my power-hunger is unreasonable and unpardonable. Finally, my God-hunger is incomparable and insurmountable.

To my great sorrow, poverty attacks plenty. To my widest astonishment, plenty invades poverty. One of the lofty principles of the United Nations is: “Poverty anywhere in the world is a threat to prosperity everywhere.” Indeed, this is a heart-unifying and life-fulfilling message. The United Nations was founded upon the vision-hunger for world peace. I am sure there shall come a time when that vision will be transformed into reality in spite of today’s teeming, threatening and frightening clouds over the firmament of the United Nations.

O body, I tell you a supreme secret:

“Shortage is poverty.”

O vital, I tell you a supreme secret:

“Rivalry is poverty.”

O mind, I tell you a supreme secret:

“Doubt is poverty.”

O heart, I tell you a supreme secret:

“Insecurity is poverty.”

O life, I tell you a supreme secret:

“Impurity is poverty.”

O truth-seeker, I tell you a supreme secret:

“Disobedience is poverty.”

O God-lover, I tell you a supreme secret:

“Ingratitude is poverty.”

I eat. I eat to live. Indeed, this is my wisdom-light. I live to eat. Indeed, this is my ignorance-night.

God says to my desire-life: “Love to live.”

God says to my aspiration-life: “Live to love.”

God says to my realisation-life: “Love to become a oneness-heart. Live to be a perfection-life.”

  1. United Nations 1 February 1980



What is it?
Preparation of my mind.

What is it?
Determination of my vital.

What is it?
Purification of my body.

What is it?
Divinisation of my nature.

What is it?
Perfection of my life.

What is it?
Consecration of my heart.

What is it?
Vision universal of my soul.

What is it?
Satisfaction transcendental of my Beloved Supreme.

Examination. The human in me wants to examine the world without examining itself. The human in me wants to judge the world without judging itself. The human in me wants to change the world without changing itself.

The divine in me loves the world. The divine in me cries with the world. The divine in me tries to console the world. The divine in me tries to fulfil the world.

Self-examination is another name for conscious and permanent separation from the ignorance-chain of birth and death. Self-examination has many more names: doubt-destruction, faith-invocation, surrender-perfection and gratitude-satisfaction.

Self-examination is for my immediate God-need and not for my disproportionate devil-greed.

Self-examination is the confident success-walk in my outer world. Self-examination is the transcendent progress-march in my inner world. Readiness is the secret of my success. Selflessness is the secret of my progress.

Examination, examination, examination. I examine God to see if He has Compassion-Shower, Forgiveness-Tower and Realisation-Hour for me. God examines me to see if I have a small grain of sincerity in my life, a tiny flame of purity in my heart and an atom of receptivity in my entire being.

Now let me tell you, my seeker-friends, what actually happens when I examine God and when He examines me. When God examines me, my old friend fear advises me to hide immediately, and my old friend anger advises me to fight dauntlessly. When I examine God, He immediately, lovingly and unreservedly quenches my heart’s thirst, and immediately, compassionately and unconditionally feeds my life’s hunger.



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My Lord Supreme,

do make my life three-dimensional: cry, try, fly.


My Lord Supreme,

yesterday I gave up one thing: desire-life. Today I am giving up one thing: expectation-life.


My Lord Supreme,

to love is to care. I know, my Lord, I know, You care about me unreservedly and unconditionally.


My Lord Supreme,

my earthly devoted life and my heavenly surrendered life are two of the most direct means through which You speak to me constantly.


My Lord Supreme,

Yours are the blessingful Hands and mine are the waiting world and the hungry heart.


My Lord Supreme,

Your transforming-capacity is amazing, and my receiving-capacity is amazing. Something more is amazing: earth’s disbelieving-capacity.


My Lord Supreme,

my pure heart is for You. My impure heart, too. All my possessions, smiling and crying, encouraging and discouraging, are for You, for ever and for ever.


My Lord Supreme,

each day You are Your blessingful invitation, and I am my soulful acceptance.