United Nations: Peace Room — Questions on Peace March 4, 1975, 11:30 a.m.

The following questions on peace were answered by Sri Chinmoy during a meeting of gathered personnel and representatives of the United Nations and Non-Governmental Organisations in the Peace Room of the Church Center for the United Nations.

Question: Is there any particular colour that is best for invoking peace?

Sri Chinmoy: Among the colours, blue is the best in order to invoke peace because blue indicates Infinity. When one has Infinity, then he automatically invokes peace. There is no special colour; each colour has peace, but one can invoke peace best with blue.

Question: What role does peace play in our evolution?

Sri Chinmoy: Peace plays a most considerable role in the evolution of a human being because peace means satisfaction. Only when we are satisfied can we make progress. If there is no satisfaction, there will be no progress. Satisfaction itself is an indication of progress because if I have made no progress, I will not be satisfied. But satisfaction will not be our ultimate achievement. Pleasing the Supreme in the Supreme’s own way will be our ultimate achievement. So in peace we make progress and in progress we have peace.

Question: If you feel nervous or upset, how can you bring down peace?

Sri Chinmoy: There are two ways. One way is to breathe in quietly and say “Supreme” three times very slowly. But if you find this difficult, you can invoke the Supreme as fast as possible. Fear or anxiety has a speed of its own. If you are about to be attacked by your enemy, then try to utter the name of the Supreme much faster than the speed of the attack you are getting from anger or fear. If you can do this, the Supreme will immediately conquer your anger, frustration or fear.

Question: How important is peace in transforming our human nature?

Sri Chinmoy: It is light that is of paramount importance in transforming our human nature. But if we do not have peace of mind, we shall not be in a position to invoke light. If we are anxiety-stricken, we will always remain a victim to negative forces. Then how are we going to involve light? Again, if we have light, then we have peace. Peace and light are inseparable but if you want to know which brother is more important for the radical transformation of human nature, then I have to say that it is light.

Question: How can I bring peace into my office work?

Sri Chinmoy: I have answered this question many, many times. You can bring peace into your office work by invoking peace early in the morning. Then keep this peace in your heart, like putting something in your pocket. If you have money with you, you can buy things. Similarly, when you have the supreme money, peace, you can bring it forward whenever you want to. When you give money to boys who are shouting and screaming, they become silent. Their satisfaction is peace. If some people in your office are shouting and screaming, you can inwardly give them the peace that you got this morning, and then they will keep quiet.

Question: If undivine thoughts come while I am meditating, should I invoke peace or try to fight them off?

Sri Chinmoy: At that time you have to invoke light. If there is only one fly, we can try to cast it aside. But if there are many flies, how are we going to chase all of them? We have to remain silent. When undivine thoughts come, light is necessary, not peace. When the light illumines all the undivine thoughts, immediately you will get peace of mind.

Question: How can I tell whether or not I am just imagining peace in my life?

Sri Chinmoy: If you have a desire, either it will be fulfilled or it will not be fulfilled. You will know that you have peace of mind if you see that you get the same amount of joy whether it is fulfilled or not. If you can remain the same person, if you can maintain the same consciousness in your life, then it is certain that you are getting peace. Either fate has to be taken with the same consciousness. Then you will know that real peace has entered into your life.

Question: Which chakra should one concentrate on for peace?

Sri Chinmoy: There are two chakras one can invoke for peace. One is the heart chakra and the other is the crown chakra. If we go to the heart centre, the peace that we will get will be only for our earthly existence, our daily activities. In the case of the heart, we will not be affected if the people around us are quarrelling or fighting. But if we go beyond this chakra to the crown centre, the Sahasrara chakra or thousand-petaled lotus, if the crown chakra is opened up, we will get infinite Peace, eternal Peace and transcendental Peace because it is connected with the highest height.

Question: I thought that the crown centre was connected with delight.

Sri Chinmoy: All the centres go together. Peace, light and delight go together. What else is delight if not the supreme satisfaction? Similarly, if there is light, if there is illumination, then only there will be peace.

Question: How can I have speed and peace together?

Sri Chinmoy: You can have speed and peace together if you feel that it is not you who is doing something; it is some higher force. If you are the doer, you will feel that you are lacking in peace — that this is missing or that that is wrong. But if you feel that you are the instrument and you are under the guidance of a higher force, that you cannot make any choice, that you are only listening to and obeying a higher force, then you cannot make any mistake.

Question: What is the mother’s responsibility towards her children if they are not peaceful?

Sri Chinmoy: The mother should try to bring down more light into them. They know the joy they get by shouting, striking and fighting. But if they get joy by loving, they will make a comparison. They will try to measure the joy that they get. When they see that the force of love, oneness and concern is more powerful than the force of fighting and struggling then they will give these up. So the mother should try to bring down light through her love and then peace will dawn.

People are clever. They run after the things which give them the most joy. Naturally they will give more importance to the positive aspects of their life, the things which give them an abundance of joy.

Question: How can I feel peace while taking shorthand during one of your meetings?

Sri Chinmoy: You have to feel that the force that I am using in order to answer the question is also utilising you to write it down. If the light that I am bringing down from above has the capacity to answer, then it has the capacity to utilise you as an instrument also. The same light that is answering the question through me is being used in and through you to keep a record of it.

If you think that your right hand is writing, that you are using pen and paper, then you will have no peace. But if you feel that you have thrown yourself into a river, you will have peace. When a river flows toward the ocean, it murmurs and makes noise, but its movement is in the right direction so there is peace. Similarly, when you are notating, you have to take it as movement toward the goal, the source. The goal is inside, from where I am bringing the light in answering the question. If you know there is a source and you are moving toward the source, then there is always peace because you are going to your destination and not elsewhere.

April 1, 1975, 11:30 a.m.

Sri Chinmoy read a number of poems which he had written that morning, to gathered seekers of world peace in the Peace Room of the Church Center for the United Nations.

My body tells you

My body tells You, Lord,
Not to scold me.

My body feels that I need
A little more rest.

I tell You, Lord,
If I am allowed
To get up at my own time
I shall love You,
I shall serve You,
I shall even glorify You.

Scolding is not a healthy experience

My mind tells You, Lord,
To scold me in private
If You really have to.
I need not tell You, Lord,
That scolding is not a healthy experience
For the one who scolds
Nor for the one who is being scolded.