Soul-vision ascends; heart-power descends. — photo by Sarama



My Lord Supreme, when You hide from me You are beautiful. When You appear before me You are beautiful, blessingful and fruitful. When I try to hide from You I think that I am going to accomplish something very great. When I do not hide from You, when I come to You with what I have and what I am, I see clearly and feel unmistakably that I have accomplished everything gloriously.


My Lord Supreme, yesterday I obeyed You. My obedience was my meaningful preparation. Today I am obeying You. My obedience is my soulful realisation. Tomorrow I shall obey You. My obedience shall be my fruitful perfection.


My Lord Supreme, when I look at the world from Your point of view, I see it as a perfection-plant of slow, steady and convincing growth. But when I look at the world from my point of view, I know that the perfection-plant is long dead, and it can be found in the land of nowhere.


My Lord Supreme, You tell us that we are very good. The devil tells us that we are very bad. Now it is up to us whom to believe. You do not force us to believe You, whereas the devil does not want to leave us even when we reject him vehemently and totally.


My Lord Supreme, do make me Your mirror so that You can see Yourself, admire Yourself and enjoy Your transcendental Beauty’s Perfection and Your universal Duty’s Satisfaction.


My Lord Supreme, You are great when You do everything all by Yourself. You are greater when You do everything through me. You are greatest when You accomplish everything just by giving a chance to anybody You want to.


My Lord Supreme, my surrender to You has weakened my doubtful mind, has strengthened my faithful heart, has softened my angry vital and has fed my hungry body.

Questions and answers on the physical body

On 13 March 1977 Sri Chinmoy answered the following questions at an indoor exercise room which he and his disciples have equipped for ping-pong, weight-training and light exercise.

Question: The Supreme gave me an abundance of height. I wonder if He wants me to have an abundance of weight also.

Sri Chinmoy: The Supreme does not want you to have more weight. Your height is excellent, and your present weight is excellent. Now speed is the thing that you need: speed in the physical, speed in the vital, speed in the mind and speed in the heart. Height you have got, and weight you have got. Now what you need is an increase in speed.

Question: How can we keep the body pure while we are asleep?

Sri Chinmoy: Before you go to sleep, concentrate on your navel chakra for purity, and feel that this purity is revolving around the navel area. When you feel it revolving, speed up the revolutions. When it turns very fast, it scatters light all around, and impurity is illumined. Do this every night before you go to sleep.

Question: If you want to sleep as little as possible, what can you do to keep your energy level high?

Sri Chinmoy: It is not advisable for you to sleep as little as possible right now. You have to see your body’s necessity. If the body demands seven hours, do not try to torture the body by sleeping for four hours. But if you need seven hours of sleep, and you sleep eight or ten hours, it will be a real injustice to your body. If you oversleep, it is a deplorable mistake. Again, if you do not sleep the amount you require, you will ruin your health. If you sleep the proper amount, only then will you be able to maintain your life-energy at a dynamic level.

Question: How can meditation help us to lose weight?

Sri Chinmoy: You can meditate every day to lose weight. As soon as you start meditating, you have to think of yourself as a feather. You can keep a feather in front of you and feel that you are that feather. Use your imagination-power. Imagination is reality in another world. If your concentrative will-power is focussed on that feather, and if you can become one with the feather-consciousness, no matter what you eat, you will be able to lose weight. Your goal is not to become as light as a feather — far from it! The feather is only symbolic. The feather symbolises lightness. If you can keep inside your mind a fixed idea that you are light, automatically the mind will put pressure on the physical. Imagination is a very strong power. Your imagination will be able to help you.

Question: What is the best exercise for improving general health?

Sri Chinmoy: Running and skipping rope. If you cannot run because of the weather, the next best exercise is skipping rope. But running is by far the best, slow running.

Question: When we are in this gym, what is the best way to aspire?

Sri Chinmoy: When you are playing any game, don’t think so much of winning or losing. Only try to play your best. Feel that you are playing for improvement, not to win by hook or by crook. Keep the Supreme all the time in your mind. When you are playing your best, if the Supreme wants your opponent to win, he will win, and if the Supreme wants him to lose, he will lose. Somebody has to be the winner and somebody has to be the loser. Let God decide. That is called the spiritual way.