The Lord of Transformation

You know that Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva form the Cosmic Trinity. Krishna, who is the Lord in the Bhagavad Gita, is an incarnation of Vishnu, the Preserver. At the same time, being the Lord, he is also Brahma, the Creator and Shiva, the Transformer. We do not call him the Destroyer because God does not destroy, He transforms. In the ninth chapter of the Gita, Krishna plays the role of the Creator. In the tenth chapter he wants to show that he is the Preserver. In the eleventh chapter, one of the most important chapters in the Gita, he plays the role of the Transformer. Many Westerners have criticised this chapter. They say, “How can your God, your sweet Lord, be the Lord of Destruction?” Unfortunately, they have misunderstood. In the eleventh chapter, Sri Krishna is not the Lord of Destruction, he is the Lord of Transformation. He wants to transform Arjuna’s human consciousness into the Divine Consciousness, since Arjuna represents humanity. It is our finite consciousness that we try to transform into the Infinite Consciousness.

The achievement of perfection

Perfection has already been achieved in the realm of the soul, but in the outer world it is still a far cry. If we want to achieve perfection in the outer world without being inspired and energised by the inner world, we are merely wasting our time. Perfection can be achieved only when one has entered into the inner life, the spiritual life, and brings to the fore the Wealth of the inner life — Peace, Light and Bliss in infinite measure.


On the strength of his inner identification, Sri Krishna was able to say, “I am Arjuna.”

Ramakrishna identified his consciousness, body, mind and heart with Mother Kali to such an extent that his Consort, Sarada Devi, used to say, “Where is Ramakrishna? It is all Kali. Let him say that he prays to his Mother Kali. I definitely know that it is he who is Kali."

What benefit can we derive from identification? We can derive everything from identification. If we need purity, we can hold a flower, which is the embodiment of purity. If we then identify our soul and ourselves with the breath of the flower which is nothing but purity, we ourselves will become all purity. If we stand in front of a mighty ocean, we can identify our aspiration with the vast expanse and become the infinite. Yogis or great spiritual Teachers, on the strength of their identification, become one with each and every human being on earth.

How the Guru uses his identification with the disciple

On Thursdays, I used to stand in front of each person and the first thing I did was identify myself totally and unreservedly with that person. In the twinkling of an eye, at the very moment, I would enter and try to see where I could establish my identification. If I could identify myself with the soul of the person, then it became extremely easy for me to bring down Peace, Light, or Bliss from Above. But if the soul did not come to the fore and if the vital came with a little aspiration, I tried to establish my identification with the aspiring vital but that takes a longer time. If the heart came forward, it is much easier. But I always give preference to the soul. If the soul comes forward, then the Light that I bring from the Supreme is most divinely received and utilised.

The disciple is the Guru’s protection

The word disciple in Sanskrit is Chhātra, but very often the disciples and the Gurus use the word Chhatra. Chhatra means umbrella and as the umbrella protects us from rain and sun, so also the disciple protects the Guru from the problems of the outer world. The disciples become the outer skin, the outer sheath, which guards and protects the inner world, which is the Guru.

Avatars and other spiritual figures go unrecognised

It was the fate not only of Sri Krishna to be recognised only by a few seekers during his lifetime, but it is the fate of all the Avatars. All the Avatars have been ridiculed and have had to suffer ruthless criticism from human beings. Sri Krishna was known as an Avatar only by five or six while he was on earth. Now, the whole world knows him as an Avatar. Sri Ramachandra was India’s first Avatar and he was also known by only two or three. Ramakrishna was known by very few, as was Christ. All the Avatars have been known or, you can say, realised, only by a very few. The Avatars are ignored. The fate of Yogis and other spiritual figures is the same. Very often, they are ignored and despised even by their dearest ones. Now, however, this deplorable situation is improving.

Experience, realisation, revelation, manifestation

Arjuna was extremely fortunate to have had the vision of Sri Krishna in his Cosmic Form. He saw the entire world in Krishna’s three aspects; God as the Creator, God as the Preserver and God as the Transformer of human ignorance into Divine Knowledge.

It is good to have an experience, but we have to know that experience is not the same as realisation. Even if realisation is not complete, it is infinitely better than experience. Experience is a lasting inspiration. Realisation is a lasting achievement. This lasting achievement does not necessarily embody all the divine qualities, such as Peace, Power, or Wisdom. When we embody the Vision in its totality we have complete realisation. The embodiment of Truth or Vision gives us an infinite confidence in our inner, as well as our outer journey. Again, mere embodiment is not enough. We have to reveal the Vision. Someone may have inner power, but unless he reveals this power, it cannot fulfil him, either here on earth or there in Heaven. We must reveal without what we have within. But revelation is not the final stage. The final stage is manifestation. What we have and what we are must be manifested here on earth. When manifestation is accomplished, all is done.



“Desires and hungers have one common enemy: detachment."


“Detachment and not possession should be the bridge between you and the object of your love.”


“One who is afraid of studying in the school of adversity can never hope for a perfect education in life.”


“Disappointment is as powerful a negative force as expectation is a positive one.”


“Worry unconsciously welcomes trouble. Trouble unavoidably welcomes helplessness. Helplessness tearfully welcomes despair.”

Akbar is superior to Indra

Once Akbar said, to his ministers and those who were present in the court, “Tell me frankly, who is superior? Indra, the Lord of the Gods, or I? Be very frank.”

Everybody was shocked. Nobody dared to answer. They thought that if they said that Indra was superior to Akbar, Akbar would be displeased. And if they said that Akbar was superior to Indra, it would be a real lie. So they all kept silent.

But Birbal came forward and said, “I have the answer.”

Akbar said, “Then tell me.”

Birbal said, “You are superior.”

Akbar was outwardly amused and inwardly pleased. He said, “Prove it.”

“That is very easy,” said Birbal. “When the Creator created you and Indra together, he put both of you on the scale. On one side he placed you and on the other side he placed Indra. Just because you were heavier than Indra, you dropped down to earth and Indra remained up in Heaven. So you see, you are superior because you are heavier. You are more fulfilling on earth. That is why you have become the Emperor of the Earth.

Akbar was very happy. He thought, “Indra remains high because he is light and insubstantial. I have solid strength and power. That is why I remain on earth. I came down because of my superior power.”

Spiritual comment

In the spiritual life, every day each seeker sits on the scale. God places him on one side of the scale and on the other side God places his ignorance. The seeker always sees that his ignorance is heavier, much heavier than his own knowledge and wisdom. Then he feels miserable and tries to pray, he tries to meditate. Gradually he increases his knowledge and inner wisdom and simultaneously the other side, his ignorance, decreases. It becomes lighter and lighter.

Finally a day comes when only his knowledge side exists. On the other side of the scale there is no ignorance at all. It has all been devoured or illumined by his inner knowledge. When there is nothing on the ignorance side, the knowledge side drops onto earth again. This means that the seeker enters into the world to work for mankind with his newly acquired knowledge and wisdom and with this knowledge-power he tries to conquer the ignorance of the world.

Universal jealousy

Akbar once asked Birbal, “How is it that there is no hair on my palm? There is hair everywhere else on my body. How is it that there is no hair on the palm of my hand?”

Birbal said, “Oh, the reason is just because you always give away money. You always have plenty of money in your hands and you give it away in charity. Your palms are being rubbed constantly so the hair there has all been rubbed away.”

“But how is it that you do not have hair in your hand either?”

“Just because I receive from you constantly I am also rubbing, rubbing, rubbing. You are constantly giving away and I am constantly receiving, so that is why my hands also have no hair.”

“But what about those who do not get money from me the way you get it? How is it that they do not have hair on their palms either?”

“Oh, that is very easy. It is because they are very jealous. Jealous people always think of the money that I receive from you and they start rubbing their hands together with anticipation. They are always burning with jealousy and greed, so they just rub and rub their palms together and that is why they do not have any hair on their palms.”

Akbar was highly amused and pleased, but those who were listening to Birbal bowed their heads with shame. They were terribly embarrassed at his indirect accusation.

Spiritual comment

When I give something to a certain disciple my love power increases and when that person receives devotedly his gratitude power increases. We deal with love and gratitude. Whatever I give goes to the disciple in the form of love. And while receiving, what he offers comes to me in the form of gratitude. But if those who do not get something at that time become jealous, they simply delay their own time. If they can become identified with my offering to the other disciple and at that time if they can identify themselves with the receiver, then they become the giver as well as the receiver.

While I am giving to a particular person the others can easily feel that it is they who are giving. While he is receiving they can feel that it is they who are receiving. Identification is not illusion. Identification is not deception. In the spiritual life one must always try to identify oneself with the Truth that is coming from above and trying to manifest here on earth. Identification with the Light and Truth is the only important thing in life, When one is identified with the Master's consciousness one becomes one with the Creator. When one identifies with the disciple one becomes one with the creation. When one is inseparably one with the Creator and the creation one gets the utmost joy.

By being jealous of the giver’s possession, or by being jealous of the receiver’s attainment one can never have joy or peace of mind. In order to be constantly happy one has to identify oneself with Reality’s source and Reality’s course, with Reality’s glow and Reality’s flow. Reality’s source is the Master. Reality’s course is the disciple. Reality’s glow is the Master. Reality’s flow is the disciple.